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NFL Week 2 Overreactions

(Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)

NFL Week 2 Overreactions

NFL Week 2 Overreactions
What are your Week 2 NFL overreactions? (Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)

NFL Week 2 Overreactions

You thought we were gonna stop overreacting to NFL games after Week 1? Nope! It’s still early in the season. Some would argue it’s too early. So let’s get into some Week 2 overreactions across the league!

Trey Daubert

You morons drinking the Vikings Kool-Aid were reminded of a valuable lesson. You’re only going so far with Kirk Cousins and betting on him to do anything in a big spot is as foolish as it gets. I bet it all on the Eagles this week and couldn’t have felt more confident before the game. An Eagles home opener as a late Monday night game? Sorry, that’s just not a game Kirk Cousins ever wins or plays well in. The Vikings are not contenders in the NFC. If anything, the Justin Jefferson truthers should apologize to me for my pre-draft ranking and refusing to just acknowledge he’s being held back by a mediocre talent. Get a real quarterback and then I’ll take you seriously, Vikings.

Matt Hanifan

Could the Jacksonville Jaguars be the only playoff team in the AFC South? No, seriously, can they? On the surface, that seems a little crazy to say with the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans in the division, given their respective pedigrees. But both teams have gotten off to wretched starts while the Jags are just plays away from being 2-0. And, most importantly, the rest of the AFC is stacked. I’m guessing there’s a greater than 50 percent chance that only one team makes out of the division. Jacksonville blanked Indianapolis in Week 2, while it also has a favorable schedule, a good head coach and a promising young quarterback in Trevor Lawrence. He’s surrounded by pretty decent skill position players — namely Christian Kirk and Marvin Jones — with a feisty young defense. At this current stage, I like them much better than both Indianapolis (with an overcooked Matt Ryan?) and Tennessee (who I can’t trust right now, for more reasons than one). Though recent history does suggest both teams will find their grooves later in the year, but Jacksonville might be one of the best young teams in the league. These are called Week 2 overreactions for a reason, right?

Stop showing the Vikings on Monday Night Football. This really isn’t an overreaction at this point, but as Vendetta’s resident Vikings fan, I can speak for everyone when I say nobody wants to see this anymore. Against teams not named the Chicago Bears, they’re 2-9 on Monday Night Football since the start of 2010. In those losses, the average point differential is minus-19.4 points. It’s the same movie every time. I personally believe re-watching movies instead of new ones is incredibly underrated — but that’s only if they’re good movies. Sure, it makes it all the more fitting that Cousins has been their only “franchise QB” since Culpepper/Tarkenton. But please just let them cook in the 1 p.m. window on Sunday when hardly anyone else is watching instead of this. I’m begging.

Garrett Burroughs

Denver Broncos fans should be seriously concerned right now. Through two weeks of this NFL season, the Denver Broncos have scored 32 points — the same team that sent the farm to acquire Russel Wilson from Seattle. This offense has zero identity right now; a big part of that is first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett. Hackett has done a horrible job getting plays into the huddle on time and shows zero game awareness overall. When your first two games of the season are a loss to Seattle and barely beating the Texans, two teams that should be in the running for the first overall pick next year, you have some problems.

Is this Detroit Lions offense … explosive? Is a Jared Goff-led offense being explosive in 2022? Say it ain’t so! But, when you consider that the Lions’ offense currently ranks second in the NFL in PPG at 35.5, this offense might be something. Amon-Ra St. Brown is taking over the league, DJ Chark, at least in Week 1, appeared to be a nice addition, T.J. Hockenson is a weapon and D’Andre Swift is a home run hitter. It will be interesting to see if this team can keep up this kind of pace, but Dan Campbell might be on to something in Detroit.

Chase Racherbaumer

The Arizona Cardinals are not a good football team right now. Yes, they somehow came back to beat the Raiders in overtime, but they aren’t a playoff team. The construction of this roster has been horrible to watch during the first two weeks of the season. Kyler Murray has no time to throw the ball with his offensive line and the Cardinals defense is straight-up bad. I know they will be better once DeAndre Hopkins and Rondale Moore get added back to this offense. However, watching this team for the past two weeks has been painful. Kliff Kingsbury has been horrible in his play-calling throughout both games. With this roster and play-calling, Arizona won’t make the playoffs and will finish the year with a maximum of seven wins.

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