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2022 NFL Scouting Combine: Tight End Notes

2022 NFL Scouting Combine

2022 NFL Scouting Combine
The tight ends completed their workout at the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine. Check out the notes on all of the players that stood out! (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

2022 NFL Scouting Combine: Tight End Notes

The 2022 NFL Scouting Combine is officially here. It looked for a minute that we were in danger of even getting a combine this year. That was before the NFL decided to cancel on their stupid bubble idea.

We’re going to be starting things out on the first day with the quarterbacks, tight ends, and wide receivers. On the surface, there isn’t a tight end in this class that has solidified himself as a first round prospect. The on-field product we see could drastically alter the 2022 NFL Draft. Let’s go through the tight end notes!

*Cade Otton did not work out. I have not seen enough of him to properly say anything.

Weak Sauce?

Jalen Wydermyer, Trey McBride, Charlie Kolar, and Isaiah Likely are among the bigger names that did not run the 40. A decision that really doesn’t make sense. NONE of these guys should even be considered to go in the top two rounds if there isn’t great work done here. Not running leaves an empty gap of nothing at the top of the tight end board.

No Thank You:

Let’s just get the terrible out of the way first. Teagan Quitoriano… I mean yikes. Got nothing to say. Brings nothing to the table. Can’t catch, block, move, nothing.

I can’t believe Curtis Hodges is even a real human. 6-foot-8, 257, and maybe the biggest softy I’ve ever seen. This dude couldn’t have moved the blocking sled if you gave him a week to do it. Just a f*cking goof. Get him out of my face.

Still don’t like this Isaiah Likely. Too many Nick O’Leary vibes. Bad at the Senior Bowl. Actually moved ok but frail and looked bad blocking. He can high point and has some receiving ability. Nothing to write home about. Even then, watch him right. Very narrow strider. Looks off.

Daniel Bellinger has some pipes on him. 22 reps makes sense given the way his body looks. Had a really good rep blocking. He just literally can’t do anything else. Also, was bad at the Senior Bowl.

Jake Ferguson just sucks. Brings nothing to the table. SLOW, doesn’t churn his feet when he needs to, overrated hands.

Austin Allen can’t sink his hips to save his life. The other Allen (Chase) looks like some bum from long hair that went to UTEP but has no ability. He actually went to Iowa State which tells another story. Nobody knows who the guy is because Kolar is the main threat.

Cole Turner looked bad, bad. Tripping over cones. Total body catcher. Too upright. Bad day.

Jeremiah Hall is a fullback. Just cross him off your list.

Someone want to tell me why Jeremy Ruckert only benched? Everything else is what I needed to know about the guy. It should only confirm your fears. He’s just not it.

Best Of The Group:

Honestly… would any argue that Connor Heyward had the best day? Sure as hell doesn’t look like a tight end. Guy checked in at 5-foot-11, 233, and used to play running back – full back. That’s the issue, right?

Not sure I know what to do here because his on-field was awesome. 4.73 is an acceptable time. But the catching was there. Check the gauntlet. It doesn’t lie. Looks thick. Good hands. Able to really sink and explode out of it.

Greg Dulcich too was great. We have to understand we’re not getting a game changing guy. I’m not sure he’s better than Caleb Wilson was at UCLA. But.. I’m a fan.

The 40-time of 4.61 is solid. I think he plays fast or did on the field today. Looks good on those crossers tracking the ball. Plays fast through the gauntlet. Not sure he’s the best pure route runner. We just have to accept the fact that this is about what we’re getting at the top of this tight end class.

Jalen Wydermyer is fine. He’s big. Will come down with a catch that makes you raise an eyebrow in a good way. I just don’t think he’s that good. If he wasn’t as big, he’s probably a wide receiver flame out. Doesn’t get to where he needs to be quick enough.

This Trey McBride can play. Very under control. Limited high end athlete. Wish he ran. Beautiful hands. Just looks good. His routes are there. Crisp and smooth. Powerful. Did bench and got 18 which is good. Had his moments at the Senior Bowl.

Projects I Like:

This Chigoziem Okonkwo from Maryland is interesting. The 40 time of 4.52 was the best of the group. The problem is he looked way slower going through drills. I mean that gauntlet was painfully slow. What if he’s just fast and not a good football player?

Jelani Woods out of Virginia might have something to him. Just looks really raw. 6-foot-7, 253, and 24 reps which is really good for 34.5 inch arms. Few stumbles running routes. Looks out of wack sometimes. Others? Oh, yeah.

This dude moves. Can catch and makes stuff look effortless. 4.61 40-time looks really good too.

I’m not sure what to do with Charlie Kolar. Bad knee bend. Too high.

Limited Upside:

I could do without this Grant Calcaterra. Not saying he’s terrible but I’m probably out. Really slow twitch. Does have some wiggle and can catch. Gets too high. Give him the 20 bench reps though.

Peyton Hendershot just screams H-Back. Which is fine but what’s the point in really drafting him? Just a limited athlete. Not sure he trusts his hands. Able to high point. Slow 4.8 guy. Small hands. Didn’t bench.

Vendetta’s Top 5 Tight Ends

1. Jalen Wydermyer (Texas A&M)

2. Trey McBride (Colorado State)

3. Greg Dulcich (UCLA)

4. Jelani Woods (Virginia)

5. Uhhhh Connor Heyward? (Michigan State)


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