Jon Gruden is crazy
(D. Ross Cameron/Associated Press)

Jon Gruden Is Crazy, Calls Darren Waller “Best Player I’ve Ever Coached”

Jon Gruden is officially crazy. That or he’s forgotten the majority of his coaching career, or he’s just being incredibly disrespectful to all of the great players he’s coached.

He’s [Darren Waller] the best player I’ve ever coach, so I’m going to continue to look for him.

Jon Gruden on Darren Waller in a postgame interview after Monday Night Football

I’m sorry, what? Jon Gruden is officially crazy, or at the very least he talks like he is. I guess that’s what’s so loveable about Gruden. He just says whatever he wants to say, and is one hell of a personality. That’s what made him so great on T.V. Yes, Darren Waller is a great player. He’s had back-to-back great seasons and is starting his third great season right now. But let’s take a minute to pause and look at how many great players Jon Gruden has coached.

It is absolutely crazy when you look at how many great players Jon Gruden has coached. Does Hall of Famer Jerry Rice ring a bell for anyone? How about Warren Sapp? Derrick Brooks? John Lynch? Charles Woodson? What about the greatest gunslinger in NFL history, Brett Favre? Darren Waller is better than all of those guys? Nope, I don’t buy it.

Gruden has been coaching for a very long time, and it’s incredibly easy to name players who are better than Darren Waller. Just look at the short list I provided above. Gruden clearly loves his guys, even though he says some very crazy things.

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