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2022 NFL Draft
(Chaz Palla/Pittsburgh Review Tribune)

2022 Fantasy Rookie Quarterback Rankings

2022 NFL Draft
Which quarterbacks from the 2022 NFL Draft lead the fantasy rookie rankings? Check out the top five list of guys you should target for your fantasy team. (Chaz Palla/Pittsburgh Review Tribune)

2022 Fantasy Rookie Quarterback Rankings

This quarterback class from the 2022 NFL Draft might stink but don’t worry… it’s fantasy so turn that frown upside down. There are plenty of fantasy leagues out that have to figure out which rookies to prioritize for keeper leagues. Let’s get right to those Fantasy rookie quarterback rankings for the 2022 NFL Draft class.

1. Kenny Pickett (Steelers)

Pickett won’t have the insane rushing upside Willis could offer but it’s almost impossible to take anyone other than Pickett for the top spot. Pittsburgh spent a first round pick on the guy. He’s the only quarterback that was even taken in the top two rounds.

Pickett is going to start sooner rather than later. Pittsburgh isn’t dumb. They know Mitch Trubisky can’t play. It’s going to be a run heavy offense but Pickett has great weapons, a stable organization, and is probably guaranteed to start for three years even if things go poorly. I can’t even consider taking another quarterback ahead of Pickett who I already consider to be the top quarterback in the class talent wise anyway.

2. Malik Willis (Titans)

It’s gotta be the rushing. I think Willis is the obvious choice here for that reason and that reason alone. Might take some time before he supplants Ryan Tannehill but it feels inevitable that will happen eventually.

It’s still a coin flip at best that Willis turns into a long term starting option. Then again, if Jalen Hurts can do it, then Willis sure as hell has a shot. His rushing numbers will make him a fantasy commodity. There isn’t much else to it.

3. Matt Corral (Panthers)

I actually think the public is more down on Carolina than they should be. Okay, let’s say Matt Corral ends up winning the job. Being in an offense with Christian McCaffrey, Robby Anderson, and DJ Moore is really such a bad thing? C’mon.

Carolina was 3-0 to start the season. When McCaffrey got hurt, this team crumbled. Simple as that. If CMC is healthy and Corral is the quarterback, he’s going to pick up points even if he doesn’t have to work hard to get them. Corral does have talent and can really make difficult throws look easy. Might be turnover susceptible but the upside on Corral makes him the choice here.

4. Sam Howell (Commanders)

I view Sam Howell as a less talented Baker Mayfield and we all see how Baker can’t find a job to save his life right now. Maybe Howell does get a shot eventually but he’s really small and probably got away with more than he should have in college. 5th round picks at the quarterback position don’t normally turn into anything more than back ups but there still remains an outside chance Howell gets some action which is good enough for this spot.

5. Desmond Ridder (Falcons)

Desmond Ridder sucks. Guy has no ability. Can’t play a lick. But hey, Marcus Mariota is the starter and the former Cincinnati quarterback will get a shot eventually. If he’s free, sure, take the flier cause he can run a tad. There’s just really no chance Ridder is a viable starting quarterback in this league so anything you get will be very temporary.


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