2018 NFL Draft
Bye, bye Sam Darnold. Hello, Zach Wilson! What else is in store for the New York Jets heading into the 2021 NFL Draft? (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

After trading Sam Darnold, we know which direction the New York Jets are heading during the 2021 NFL Draft. The Zach Wilson pick allows the Jets to reset the rookie quarterback contract clock and rebuild this team. Joe Douglas still has a ton of work to do rebuilding one of, if not the single worst roster in football. Let’s head inside the war room.

Round 1: No. 2 overall, No. 23 (from Seahawks)
Round 2: No. 34
Round 3: No. 66, No. 86 (from Seahawks)
Round 4: No. 107
Round 5: No. 146, No. 154 (from Giants)
Round 6: No. 186, Pick unknown (from Panthers)

That Jamal Adams trade has a chance to make or break this draft class. This trade could go down as a heist for the Jets if they hit on these picks. Then again, it’s go Joe Douglas. Did you see the draft class he picked a year ago? Trainwreck city.

We know Zach Wilson is the pick at two. Is it necessary to dive to deep into it?

At pick 23, I just think the Jets will find a way to screw this puppy up. This is what they do. This is Travis Etienne territory written all over it. Etienne doesn’t belong in the first round and he has bust written all over him. He’s perfect for the Jets. With a clear running back need, I could see Douglas foolishly reaching on a first round back.

The corner situation is brutal with the Jets. Absolutely brutal. Eric Stokes at Georgia would be a perfect pick at the top of the second round. Stokes is long with elite speed for the position. He’s got some ball skills on him too. The Jets basically don’t have a corner worth anything on the roster. They have to snag one and preferably early.

Better snatch up some offensive line help in that third round? Brady Christensen could be the pick. It would make Zach Wilson happy bringing in his collegiate teammate. Plug him over at right tackle. Jackson Carmen could be another pick. He was part of that Clemson offensive line and should plug in as a guard. Beef that puppy up.

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