2020 Fantasy Football
2020 Fantasy Football: Top 10 Rookie Quarterbacks. 10 quarterbacks were drafted. Let’s rank them in terms of fantasy potential. (Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

2020 Fantasy Football: Top Rookie Quarterbacks

We’re going to start our 2020 fantasy football content sooner than expected because there are no sports on. This week we’re going to do rookie rankings. Starting out with the quarterbacks, here are your top 10! Since these are rookie quarterbacks, I’m going to focus more on long term fits for keeper leagues.

10: James Morgan (Jets)

James Morgan is strictly a backup. Who knows, maybe Sam Darnold gets mono again. That’s good enough to make it on the list. Still, this is an offense that literally COULDN’T MOVE THE BALL without Darnold. Even if Morgan does see the field, he probably doesn’t have much value. The supporting cast stinks.

9: Nate Stanley (Vikings)

Kirk Cousins is usually healthy but his job feels more in question than Darnold’s. Stanley comes in at 9. If Cousins does go down, this is a pretty talented offense. Stanley could pick up points as a game manager.

8: Jake Luton (Jaguars)

Hey, this one is interesting. Isn’t there at least a 15 percent chance Gardner Minshew falls flat on his face. There might be another 15 percent chance the Jags sit Minshew trying to tank for Lawrence at the end of the year. I don’t think it’s impossible Luton sees the field. Actually, there might be a good chance it happens.

7: Jake Fromm (Bills)

Fromm gets put 7th because he’s clearly more talented than the 3 names behind him. Buffalo might be a weird landing spot because of the weather. He’s also the complete opposite of Josh Allen. It’s still an offense he can hand the ball off and target Stefon Diggs. Good enough for number 7.

6: Jalen Hurts (Eagles)

Jalen Hurts comes in at number 6. While there’s no chance he ever starts over a healthy Carson Wentz, maybe there’s a chance he’s part of the weekly playbook. Still never startable in fantasy unless he’s a full-time starter.

5: Jordan Love (Packers)

Aaron Rodgers has been hurt before. Maybe Jordan Love sees the field sooner than expected. Then again, it’s almost impossible for the Packers to move off Rodgers for the next two years because of the recent extension. If you have Love for the next 3 years in fantasy, he might almost be totally worthless. Rodgers still can play. Love needs to sit anyway.

4: Jacob Eason (Colts)

This one has a shot to be a big impact next season. I can’t imagine Philip Rivers has more than this year left. It’s becoming pretty obvious that the Colts have almost no faith in Jacoby Brissett. If Eason can make an impression, he could be the Colts starter long term after this season. That’s a great landing spot too with a plus offensive line.

3: Justin Herbert (Chargers)

The question here is how soon does Herbert actually start? It seems like the Chargers plan to start Tyrod Taylor. At this point, it really depends on whether Taylor gives up the job. I’m not convinced he does in year one. The Chargers make me want to put my head through a wall because of Anthony Lynn. Herbert does add some rushing which helps his stock.

2: Joe Burrow (Bengals)

Joe Burrow enters a tough landing spot but I’m guessing he’s basically a lock to start right away. That alone puts him at 2 on the list for fantasy. It’s also a really bad defense so Burrow will likely have to throw to keep his team in games. His weapons aren’t terrible either. AJ Green, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd works. Even Andy Dalton had some decent years in fantasy. No reason Burrow can’t replicate that right away.

1: Tua Tagovailoa (Dolphins)

Tua Tagovailoa is the premier talent in this draft. I’m not sure he starts right away but I’m guessing he does at some point. It might be a midseason bridge from Ryan Fitzpatrick. I just think Tua is so much better than the other QB’s in this class so he has to be number one. Credit to the Dolphins for trying to rebuild this offensive line. Miami still has a way to go but the rebuild is on the right path. Tua is the man for the job.