2019 NFL Wildcard Playoff Preview
Check out the 2019 NFL Wildcard Playoff Preview between Seattle and Dallas (Joe Nicholson/USA TODAY Sports)

It’s round 2 of your Saturday Wildcard slate. If you missed my first playoff preview between the Colts and Texans, stop what you’re doing and click this link to read that one first. Now it’s time to walk through the next 2019 NFL Wildcard Playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys. These two NFC foes met way back in Week 3 when Seattle won 24-13.

Since that game, Dallas has obviously become a much better team. The addition of Amari Cooper has been life-changing. I think the same can be said for Seattle as well. Who would have forecasted Seattle has the number one rushing attack in the NFL? Vegas sees this as a pretty even game with Dallas coming in as a one-point favorite. Here we go. Check out why each team can win their 2019 NFL Wildcard playoff showdown!

Seattle Seahawks AT Dallas Cowboys: 8:15 ET – FOX

2019 NFL Wildcard Playoff
Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll. That’s all Seattle needs to win. (Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)


1: Russell Wilson > Dak Prescott

C’mon, folks! Seattle has an ENORMOUS edge at the quarterback position. Russell Wilson is one of the five best quarterbacks in the entire league. He’s been to two Super Bowl and has won one. He’s playoff tested. Wilson is 8-4 during his playoff career. He’s also built a great repport with this receiving core. Russell Wilson has a perfect passer rating targeting Tyler Lockett this season. Doug Baldwin is also quietly getting very healthy late in the season. 2 minutes left with the game on the line down 4. Dak Prescott has no chance to win. Russell Wilson wins that 85 percent of the time.

Dak Prescott is terrible. He’s not even allowed to sniff Russell Wilson’s jock. No quarterback has been sacked more on sacks that are solely on the quarterback than Prescott (15). You know what else is concerning? Prescott has fumbled the ball 18 times this year! I repeat. 18 fumbles! There is not one thing Dak Prescott can do better than Wilson. He can’t run better. He can’t throw better. He can’t play baseball better. He can’t eat pizza better. It doesn’t matter. When you have this big of an edge at the quarterback position, it’s hard to lose.

2: Pete Carroll > Jason Garrett

It’s a safe bet to trust the Seahawks leader on defense, Bobby Wagner. A key for Seattle will be stopping the run. Keeping Zeke from busting those 15-yard runs (where he leads the NFL in that category) is the key to winning this game. The good news is Bobby Wagner has missed just ONE tackle all year. You know who I trust to rally the rest of the troops? Pete Carroll.

Pete Carroll is a really good defensive coach. He just is. Seattle lost so much talent of the defensive side of the ball this year. Sherman, Bennett, Avril, Chancellor…. on and on and on and it didn’t matter. Pete Carroll can coach.

Do you know who can’t coach? Jason Garrett. When you google puppet, a picture of Jason Garrett pops up. Tell me what Jason Garrett does. I’m still waiting. The only thing we know that he does is clap. Garrett has never won a playoff game in 8 years as an NFL coach. Just like watching Marvin Lewis, you never expect the Bengals to win when it counts. Doesn’t that sound like Dallas? Who the hell trusts Jason Garrett to win a playoff game? I sure as shit do not.

3: Punting? Yes!

In the modern NFL with high powered offenses, field position doesn’t mean a whole lot. In this game where Dallas relies on time of possession and running the football, field position means a whole lot. Long drives will make or break the Cowboys. Can they convert third downs? Well, with a punter like Michael Dickson, Dallas may have some long drives. If Dallas needs to put up points in a hurry, Dak Prescott isn’t getting it done. This may sound a bit back and fourth but I have a feeling Dickson will have an impact on this game. Both teams rank near the bottom of the NFL in special teams DVOA.

2019 NFL Wildcard Playoff Preview
Run the ball, control the clock, and feed Zeke. There’s a clear road map for Dallas to win. (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)


1: Dallas Is A MUCH Better Team At Home

Some teams can’t play on the road. The Cowboys are one of them. Dallas is 7-1 at home this season. Only 3 wins on the road. It’s not that hard to figure out why. The Cowboys only have one way to win. Control the clock and run the ball. That’s much easier to do when you’re at home. At the end of the day, both of these teams are so even. Home field may just be what seperates them.

2: Amari Cooper Has Made Dallas Dangerous

There is no question that Amari Cooper has changed the fortune of the Dallas Cowboys season. I HATED the trade for the Cowboys. Giving up a first round pick was outrageous but Jerry Jones has proved me wrong. The numbers do not lie.

Prior to the Cooper trade, Dallas was 3-4, and Dak Prescott had a 62.1 completion percentage, 8-4 TD to INT ratio, 202.4 passing yards per game, and a 87.4 passer rating.

Now check out the numbers since Cooper was acquired. Dallas went 7-2 with Cooper. Dak Prescott during this stretch is completing 71.3 percent of his throws, to go with a 14 TD to 4 INT ratio, 272.2 passing yards per game, and 103 passer rating.

Cooper is the difference. It’s opened up opportunities for Michael Gallup. It allows Zeke Elliott to have more holes to run through. With Cooper doubled, less attention goes to Zeke. Even Dak Prescott can run a bit more. Everything has opened up.

3: Dallas Is Better Than Seattle At The Same Play Style

If you have not been watching, Seattle is a run first team. Seahawks fans love to hate Brian Schottenheimer but he has given the Seahawks a real identity. They are a power run first team. Chris Carson has been as good as almost any running back in the league. Here’s the issue. You’re not going to out Cowboy, the Cowboys.

Ezekiel Elliott might just be the best running back in football. You almost expect him to rush for 100 yards. Outside of Bobby Wagner, you really don’t trust any Seahawks defender to slow him down. Now flip to Seattle. Chris Carson has been great but he’s no Elliott. Carson isn’t going to rush for 100 yards, nor should he. Dallas doesn’t have just one Bobby Wagner. They have two. Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch have been as dynamic as it gets. When you start stacking up similar play styles, Dallas has better players at those spots.

Dallas also ranks 5th against the run. Seattle Ranks 13th. Sometimes styles make fights. Both teams play the same way and Dallas has the better players for that style. Do you know what else? Kris Richard wants pay back. After spending years on the Seahawks coaching staff, he has been chomping at the bit. Richard also knows his fair share of secrets.

I really want to pick the Cowboys. I really do. They have the better team. I haven’t even mentioned DeMarcus Lawrence who should take advantage of Seattle offensive line. BUT… I just can’t. Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll. That’s all I need here. I’m not betting on Dak Prescott and Jason Garrett. Until they win one I’m out.

Seahawks defeat Cowboys 20-17