2018 NBA Draft
Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

The 2018 NBA Draft is shaping up to be one of the best in recent history.

As the most notable stars from previous generations begin to age out of the NBA and retire as LaMarcus Aldridge did recently. Younger players like those from the 2018 draft begin to emerge as future stars that will carry the NBA. While there are gems in every draft class, 2018 has stood out the most producing an abundance of young talent that the surrounding years aren’t close to matching. While the upcoming draft is filled with star potential like Jalen Suggs out of Gonzaga and Cade Cunningham out of Oklahoma. The 2018 draft brought both stars and quality role players that will be pivotal pieces to some great NBA teams for well into the next decade.

The Stars From the 2018 Draft Class

The 2018 draft class was headlined by two young players who have already accomplished a great amount during their short time in the NBA. Luka Doncic has been the best and most important player on the Dallas Mavericks since his rookie year. He has already made two All-NBA teams and All-Star selections and is already breaking records on a yearly basis. Luka can go down as one of the greatest European players of all time, and he was traded on draft night for another player drafted in 2018 that has also gotten off to an impressive start of his career. Trae Young has also been the best and most important player on the Atlanta Hawks since his rookie year.

While he has not seen the team success that Luka has it is hard to ignore the production he provides on the court. Young holds the record for the most 30 point and 10 assists games as a rookie and is the youngest player to have 500 or more assists in a season. Beyond these two players who have already shown they have the capabilities to dominate the NBA for the foreseeable future. There are still more players from 2018 that have shown flashes of greatness.

Like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander who is the most intriguing player on the Thunder and has already been a key contributor to two separate playoff teams. Or Micheal Porter Jr. who has almost doubled his scoring output since his delayed rookie debut in 2019. Then there is also Jaren Jackson Jr. who has shown the ability to stretch the floor and be an elite rim protector before a torn meniscus plagued his third season. Not only were all these future stars produced from the 2018 draft there is also an abundance of quality role players and specialists.

Other Notable Players from the 2018 NBA Draft

As I said previously the reason for 2018 being the best in recent history is alongside the star players that it produced it also provided an abundance of quality starters and role players. Forwards like Mikal Bridges and Miles bridges have both turned out to be some of the top young 3 and D wings in the league. Then young bigs such as Robert Williams who is the future for the Celtics at the center position and Mitchell Robinson who was playing starter minutes for the surprisingly good New York Knicks this season.

The 2018 draft also brought about a plethora of productive guards like Jalen Brunson who has made a case for more minutes on the Dallas Mavericks and Donte DiVincenzo who is the starting shooting guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, one of the best teams in the league. There is also Gary Trent Jr. who has taken his scoring to another level with the Toronto raptors recently setting a new career-high and Devonte Graham, one of the best high volume three-point shooters in the league. Through both rounds of the 2018 draft, there are studs and hidden gems that are still developing that I haven’t even mentioned. This is already one of the most productive draft classes and recent NBA history and they will only continue to get better.