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Matt Ryan

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2016 Fantasy Football Quarterback Sleepers

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Matt Ryan is one of my fantasy quarterback sleepers for 2016 (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

Everyone is looking for that one player who can put their fantasy football team over the top. Often times it ends up being that player you got in a late round that saves the day. When the draft gets late don’t worry about your buddy getting an advantage on you. Earlier I discussed my list of top ten quarterback prospects you should consider. Now read here for some fantasy quarterback sleepers that could pay dividends for your fantasy team in 2016.

  1. Matt Ryan (Falcons):

This one just boggles my mind for many reasons. For whatever reason Matt Ryan has been toiling away in obscurity. Ryan passed for over 4,500 yards a year ago and is getting completely disrespected. Ryan has the best wide out in football in Julio Jones, a great play-caller in Kyle Shanahan, and an efficient offensive line lead by emerging star Jake Mathews. There is no doubt that Matt Ryan can become a top ten quarterback this season and is absolutely worth a late round selection even if he isn’t your first or second option.

2. Robert Griffin III (Browns):

I think we are in for the resurgent season of Robert Griffin III this season. Is there any reason to think he can’t do what Tyrod Taylor did a year ago? Taylor has been in the top ten discussion this season in terms of fantasy rankings and that could very well be RG3 by the time it is all said and done. For fantasy numbers his rushing stats will be extremely valuable where as many other quarterbacks do not run. Head Coach Hue Jackson made Andy Dalton look like a stud for the past few seasons, why can’t he do the same with Griffin who is much more talented.

3. Paxton Lynch (Broncos):

After what I have seen this preseason it is safe to say that Paxton Lynch will be the starting quarterback in Denver by week 4. Lynch, a 2016 first round pick from Memphis, has a cannon and compares favorable to Joe Flacco. The 6’7″ gunslinger also has some toys to play with on offense with Deymarius Thomas, Emanuel Sanders, and a ground game that is always efficient with Gary Kubiak at the helm. To me as long as Mark Sanchez or Trevor Siemian start those two receivers are completely undraftable on my watch. Lynch is a gamer and will rise to the level of competition, especially with that Broncos defense on the sidelines. Sure Lynch is raw but this is a guy who could come to life as the season progresses.

4. Blaine Gabbert (49ers):

Do I expect Blaine Gabbert to light the world on fire? No, but that isn’t to say he can’t put up numbers with Chip Kelly. During his first year in Philadelphia, Chip Kelly posted the number two offense in the NFL in points per game with Nick Foles. He can do it again with Blaine Gabbert or at least be highly productive.

5. Case Keenum (Rams):

Okay we are diving in deep here but that isn’t to say this guy isn’t a quality starter at times. The Rams placed a second round tender on this guy for a reason. Keenum posted a higher quarterback rating than Joe Flacco a year ago and has shown flashes at time. The former Houston alum is also the NCAA leader in a number of passing statistics. To add to the equation this guy is going to start at least 10 games for this team this year. Jared Goff looks lost and has never called a play in his entire life. I am not a Goff believer and it appears it is going to take him a lot of time for him to get ready just to start. Need a quarterback, Keenum could be as good as any until the Rams drop out of the race and he gets benched for the young guy.

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