Colt McCoy
(Rob Carr/Getty Images)

The Washington Redskins travel to Indianapolis this week and have decided to make a change at quarterback. The former University of Texas standout Colt McCoy will start this upcoming week. As of this Monday head coach Jay Gruden was still leaning on starting RG3 but he obviously is having a change of plans. McCoy has had some limited success for the Skins having lead them to a win at Dallas week 8 on Monday Night Football. In regards to McCoys predecessor Robert Griffin III his future still remains unclear as it seems to be difficult to give up on him so soon. For the first time since the epic Griffin trade Washington will have its full array of draft picks and plenty of money to spend in free agency for this years off-season. Whether RG3’s option for 2016 gets picked up or not the former Baylor star will still more likely than not get a chance to run the show in 2015.