Zero Positive Tests
Premier League teams Chelsea and Tottenham. Photo by Julian Finney/ Getty Images.

All leagues that are returning to play are having to test their players to make sure no one is infected. In the latest round of testing for Premier League, there were zero positive cases out of 1,195 tests. All tests were done on Thursday and Friday.

All positive cases besides one were from the first three rounds of testing. That includes six individual cases within three different clubs in the inaugural testing phase.

In round four there were zero positive cases out of 1,130 tests. However, for round five, there was one unidentified Tottenham Hotspurs FC player that tested positive. 1,197 tests were taken for that round.

In addition, there have only been 13 positive cases out of 6,274 tests that have been taken for Premier League. In other words, this equates to only 0.20%.

Having zero positive cases is a great thing to have for the Premier League Project Restart. Let’s hope that it can stay this way.