Kevin Knox
Leon Rose doesn’t know what to make of Kevin Knox and can’t decide if the former first round pick is part of the Knicks future. (Michael Owens/Getty Images)

Kevin Knox had a very disappointing 2nd season with the Knicks. Some have already suggested that Knox should already be labeled a bust. Those people wouldn’t be unfair to call him one. Knox has scored just 6.4 points per game while shooting 35.9 percent. It’s been an ugly season.

Leon Rose is the new man in charge of the Knicks. Rose will have to decide whether Knox is part of the future or not. Apparently, it’s something that is very much up in the air.

The following is from the NY Post:

“I’m told one of team president Leon Rose’s biggest regrets from the suspension of the season’s final 16 games because of the coronavirus was not getting a closer look at his enigmatic second-year forward. According to a source, Rose still doesn’t know what to make of Knox and doesn’t know if the 20-year-old is part of their future. That is despite Kentucky coach John Calipari’s warning not to trade Knox (Calipari and Rose are close.)”

It’s a tough predicament. Rose isn’t the man who drafted him so he has no loyalty to Knox. However, you don’t want to be the guy that gives up on a 20-year-old too soon. It would be a very Knicks thing to do. Avoiding that stigma is the only way to turn the page. Then again, time is running out. If Knox really is a bust, the longer they wait to move him, the less value he has.

The Knicks have the 6th worst record in the NBA. There’s a chance they land the top pick. It’s not considered to be a strong draft anyway. Regardless of what happens with Kevin Knox, the Knicks are still in a total rebuild.