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Fight Night | Fight Night Champion

Will EA Sports Make Another Fight Night Game?

Fight Night | Fight Night Champion

Will EA Sports Make Another Fight Night Game?

One of Electronic Arts’ most significant game titles, Fight Night, the in-depth boxing simulation that features dozens of real-life heavyweights, hasn’t seen a release since 2011. While rumors have persisted for years about a new title, nothing has yet to come from them.

For all intents and purposes, Fight Night is dead in the water. But will the boxing series ever return to the ring? Will EA ever make another title?

The Shining Spotlight

Throughout the 2000s, Fight Night was one of EA’s most popular sports games. Over five games, the series garnered generally favorable reviews and good sales numbers. Critics were impressed with the games, particularly with the technical aspects of them. By the time the final installment, Fight Night Champion, was released in 2011, the series was reaching its peak popularity.

The Knockout Blow

The sudden downfall of the franchise came as a result of a variety of factors: Money, the rise of the UFC and boxing itself. Some of the most famous boxers like Floyd Mayweather refused to appear in the games due to an apparent lack of pay on EA’s part.

Lacking some of the biggest stars in the boxing world hurt enough, but the UFC being under one company, making it easier to work with as opposed to independent boxers, hurt more. The cost benefit analysis brought EA to the conclusion that it was no longer cost effective to keep making boxing games when “ultimate fighting” was a superior financial option.

As a result, EA’s EA Sports UFC was born. Four titles have spawned from this franchise, with the latest one, EA Sports UFC 4, being released in 2020.

A Return to the Ring?

Despite the last title being released over a decade ago, Fight Night still has a dedicated fanbase. Rumors constantly abound of a revival, a return, a renewal, of Fight Night — especially one from November of 2021 about EA themselves confirming a new Fight Night.

However, so far, almost all of those rumors have led to nothing. With EA continuing to stay quiet on the whole affair.

So, for now, the likelihood of a new Fight Night game coming out is very low. But this hasn’t deterred the fans from speculating and suggesting features that could come with a hypothetical new release. Clearly, the interest is still there for a new title.

The heavy hitter may be down for the count for now, but the crowd continues to shout their name.





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