This Story Really Got Under My Skin

I bet when Raheem Mostert felt that pain in his knee against the Detroit Lions, he didn’t think it would get any worse for him. Then, the invertebrates that fester on social media decided to prove him wrong in ways that are truly sickening.

If you’re one of those “Fans” that think you’re hot stuff by DMing athletes, this case Raheem Mostert, or their spouses, that they should “kill themselves”, or otherwise just being a jack ass toward them, you should either have charges pressed on you, or the athletes should be allowed to come to your house and kick the crap out of you. I’m not even joking.

This is my first Vendetta Sports Media article, and I shouldn’t be shocked. Really, and truly I should know better than to be surprised by negative human behavior. Sadly enough, I made the mistake of thinking it couldn’t be any worse! When people show you who they are the first time, believe them! Yet I can’t believe I feel the need to write an article to call for human beings to, I don’t know, act like human beings! Where is my vitriol coming from? This is in reference to the news story involving San Francisco 49ers running back Raheem Mostert’s wife pleading with fans after she received “thousands” of “heartless” social media messages after Mostert’s knee injury after the 49ers 41-33 week 1 victory against the Detroit Lions which you can check out here.

Raheem Mostert
(Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports)

During the Tanndemonium Sports Show, which I host every Tuesday night streaming live on Twitch at 6:30 pm Eastern, it was speculated that the jag-offs in questions that went about this egregious behavior were most likely fantasy sports enthusiasts and/or sports gamblers.

If that’s the case, how dare you, people. No. Seriously. How dare you?! You not only continue to give fan bases a HORRIBLE name, but you’re harassing a woman who is already stressed out enough with an injury to her husband! Seriously there is nothing so important in gambling and/or fantasy sports that can even justify this behavior. Raheem Mostert, nor his wife, deserve this at all. This man, like so many athletes, has put his body and long-term health on the line for a profession that is entertainment, and I understand that people feel a connection to teams and athletes, but enough is enough!

Now here’s the thing; if you want to point out that Raheem Mostert’s injury history makes him an unreliable back in the NFL, and that he shouldn’t ever be drafted on your fantasy league team as Vendetta Sports Media boss, Trey Daubert, did in his article then fine! That is completely acceptable and it’s a very fair point! Especially when he has opted for end-of-season surgery on his knee, after already missing half of the 2020 season with an ankle injury.

Honestly, if this is what you do, then let me ask you this question; how would you feel if someone was doing this to YOUR significant other? How would you feel if someone did this to YOUR parents? What would you feel or think if someone harassed YOUR children? Why do you feel so justified and entitled to harass athletes and their spouses? What has Raheem Mostert or his wife done to you personally to deserve this?

Oh, well, you know what? Raheem Mostert? He’s a professional athlete! Yeah, he’s a professional athlete! All professional athletes belong to the people! They signed up for this!

No Scooter, they really didn’t. And no, just because they’re professional athletes doesn’t give you the right to attack their families or come at them personally like that. Professional athletes signed up for scrutiny about their play, and how they conduct themselves regarding their place on the team, I am not saying that. What I am saying is this; attacking them because of injury, or attacking their families isn’t acceptable behavior. This shouldn’t even have to be said, yet here we are as a society where anonymity continues to breed the worse of human behavior.

If you really believe that you can say and do whatever you want to these athletes and their families, do it face to face. For real. Do you feel that froggy? You feel that tough and that entitled, do something! Walk up to Aaron Donald and try starting with him because for whatever reason your fantasy numbers aren’t where you want them to be! I’m sure you’ll get away with that. He only throws 300lbs offensive linemen around like they’re sacks of potatoes. Nothing bad could happen to you!

Why not go after Khalil Mack while you’re at it?

Maybe, Skippy, harassing Shailene Woodley face to face because Aaron Rodgers had a bad game. I bet you shrivel up and hide in a shell like a timid turtle when 6’2” 225lbs of muscle comes to have a little chat with you!

Better yet! Why don’t you jump in Kamaru Usman’s wife’s face because one of his fights didn’t go your way? Say he knocks Colby Covington out in the first round instead of Covington going the distance again.

See, none of you so-called tough guys will do that. And I bet if you did, and you got what was coming to you, you would sue so quickly it’s not even funny. You would show up in court with your crocodile tears, trying to paint yourself as a victim and claim how the big mean celebrity athletes beat you up!

Cowards, that’s all people that do things like this are. They’re worthless, useless, social amoeba that suckle on the underbelly of the scum of the Earth. These people are nothing at all but practically irredeemable, horrible people. The worse of the absolute worse. Cowardly ass keyboard wannabe tough guys and I will gladly say this directly to each and every one of their faces. This behavior cannot be justified in any way, and I will say this personally to these people;

You deserve papercuts on your most sensitive of body areas. No, I’ve got one better! You deserve to always be out of gas. No! That’s not good enough! You deserve to have your tires go flat when you’re on your way to an important meeting, the most important meeting of your professional life. Nope! Not enough! You deserve to have your internet die just as you’re about to purchase the final item in existence that you really want from Amazon, and when you finally get your internet back ITS GONE and you’ll never get it again because it was a limited-edition item!

I’m not done!

You deserve to have your mom, or grandma, throw away something of yours that they thought was worthless, but you found out it was actually worth thousands of dollars! You deserve to have won the Powerball Jackpot, but you threw away the ticket. OR, you just deserve a lesson in humility. Because no game, no contest, no amount of money, none of that gives you the right to personally attack another human being.

Athletes are human beings, the same as you. They have the same feelings as you do. If you dislike an athlete because of their performance, fine. But don’t attack their families. And don’t tell them they should end their own lives. Its just a damn game. You aren’t going to die if your favorite team doesn’t win the big end-of-the-year game. If you are, then that’s more a YOU problem, than a problem with THEM.

Stop hiding behind the keyboard ya pansies.