Eagles Madden 2020
Why are the Eagles the number one rated team in Madden 2020? (Matthew Emmons/USA TODAY Sports)

Why are the Eagles the number one rated team in Madden 2020?

Hey Madden, I am so pissed off at you guys I had to write about this. As a die-hard Birds fan, I felt the need to tell you that you all are so full of shit. You’re probably thinking I want the Eagles to be ranked higher than 89 and that we should be #1. Well, you know what they say about when you assume. How are you going to rank them that high when we just had the season we did? Come on dude this is some bull. We have always been underdogs and that’s what we are going into this season as. You SOBs just jinxed us and I swear to the good lord baby Jesus that if we underperform this year it’s 150% because you ranked us this high. I mean sure we had a HELL of an offseason.

We were able to sign Desean Jackson who is still one of the fastest players in the league and finally give us a legitimate deep threat. We may have one of the most talented backfields consisting of Jordan Howard, Miles Sanders, Corey Clement, and Darren Sproles. We drafted our future LT with Andre Dillard to solidify our O-Line. We are going to be contenders for a deep run if Carson can stay healthy, but I hate being ranked this high even it’s just a stupid video game. It just honestly doesn’t make sense to me since the Cowboys kept everyone and may have even gotten better, but whatever I’ll take it. LETS EAT BOYS!!

*Side note from the editor: Chad Bauman and Scott Baker have wildly different opinions on the Eagles Madden 2020 rating. I would love to see them duke it out over this one.