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Abdu Rozik
(Image Credit: LADbible/

Who is Hasbulla Fighting? Meet Abdu Rozik

Abdu Rozik
Internet sensation Hasbulla has been in the spotlight since his photos with Khabib, but who is the Dagestani fighting? Meet Abdu Rozik. (Image Credit: LADbible/

Who is Hasbulla Fighting? Meet Abdu Rozik

Internet legend Hasbulla has been scheduled to fight Tajik singer Abdu Rozik ever since their press conference in May turned the pair into overnight sensations.

The fight was announced by MMA fighter Ashab Tamaev – the man seated in the middle – but has yet to be officially scheduled. There was speculation that the fight could happen last week, with Tamaev going as far to say the fight was in the coming days, but the world is still waiting for Hasbulla and Rozik to square off.

So who is Abdu Rozik?

Rozik is from Tajikistan and is a singer by trade. He has amassed over five million views on YouTube and gained popularity in his country from “singing Tajik rap songs”, according to LADbible. However, his stardom accelerated thanks to the pre-fight press conference he had with Hasbulla. The head-butting, pushing and banter all made for an entertaining watch and served as the catalyst of Rozik’s transformation from a Tajik singer into a global star.

While the exact genetic conditions of both fighters are not officially confirmed, various internet doctors have diagnosed the pair with a number of illnesses, including Growth Hormone Deficiency – more commonly referred to as Dwarfism. According to LADbible, however, Rozik suffered from rickets as a child and his parents were unable to afford treatment to combat his condition. Despite his height (3’2”) and weight (38 pounds), the Tajik teenager is living his life to fullest and is certainly capitalizing on his ever-growing popularity.

Despite the confusion surrounding when Rozik’s fight with Hasbulla will happen, the former still remains active on his Instagram account – which has 940 thousand followers. Just yesterday, Rozik posted this video appearing to taunt his Russian arch rival:

The fight appears to still be confirmed with no news pointing to a possible cancellation, but for now, the world patiently waits for the pair to turn their publicized banter into action.

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