Gary Harris
Joe Murphy/Getty Images

I’m a big fan of this Denver Nuggets team. I think they can be a dark horse candidate to win the Championship this year. I am disappointed in Gary Harris though. I was expecting him to be one of the focal points on offense and be one of the Denver Nuggets main pieces and he just hasn’t done that. Sure, you can say the Nuggets team is talented and maybe he’s not getting enough looks. I’m not sure about all that. I think the problem has to do with more Gary Harris himself than the talent around him.

Gary Harris Stats

Gary Harris first caught my eye in the 2018 NBA season. My best friend is a die-hard Nuggets fan, so usually, I know some of the players, but I dismiss them until they make some serious noise. that is what Harris was doing in 2018. He was averaging 17.5 PPG on 48.5% shooting, including a 39.6% 3P percentage on 6 attempts. That’s pretty good for a guy that doesn’t get that much recognition. The next two years are what boggles my mind though. He averaged 12.9 PPG on 42.4% shooting last year and only 10.4 PPG on 42% shooting this year. What did the hell happen? It is only his shooting and scoring as well. He still averages the same amount of rebounds and assists during this time.

As mentioned, the Nuggets have gotten better over the years and have acquired more talent, like Jerami Grant. That makes sense for the lower PPG. Although, that doesn’t account for his way lower FG%. In fact, Harris was 2nd on his team in scoring in 2018, 3rd in 2019, but now he is 6th this year. Gary Harris, what’s going on man? What’s wrong with your jumper?

The Nuggets are already deemed as out of being a title contender. That’s already wrong in my opinion, when will we take them seriously? But this only fuels that narrative if any player on the Nuggets underperforms. They don’t have the media or a big size market on their side. They’ll also need all the help they can get if they want to win a championship. All I know is that Harris needs to figure it out, and fast.