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2023 NFL Draft
(Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Way Too Early 2023 NFL Draft Tight End Rankings

2023 NFL Draft
Michael Mayer leads what appears to be a weak tight end class for the 2023 NFL Draft. Check the rest of the way too early rankings here!(Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Way Too Early 2023 NFL Draft Tight End Rankings

We continue on with the way too early 2023 NFL Draft rankings. Next up is the tight end class. On the surface, it doesn’t look like a great class but it’s filled with mystery and question marks right now. Let’s not waste any time and get to the 2023 NFL Draft way too early tight end rankings.

1. Michael Mayer (Notre Dame)

I’m not sure I even like Michael Mayer but he is the only guy with real production so he tops the list. Remains to be seen if he’s even better than Cole Kmet and I was way out on Kmet. Don’t see Mayer as a guy with Claypool athletic traits. We’ll see. He has to take a step forward for me to really take this one even seriously as a top prospect.

2. Arik Gilbert (Georgia)

To be clear, Gilbert probably doesn’t even belong on this list. He’s done almost nothing. Talent has him two. Big time recruit. It’s probably now or never. If things click, he’s the easy top tight end next year.

3. Cameron Latu (Alabama)

Pretty good size and can move a bit. Just 26 catches last year but 8 touchdowns. Could easily be a guy that breaks out this year in that offense.

4. Darnell Washington (Georgia)

Sorry, but Georgia just has better players than everyone else. Brock Bowers is the real tight end star but he’s not draft eligible. Washington will have to try to carve a role in an offense loaded with talent. Really big target. Good shot he’s a sleeper and better NFL player.

5. Jahleel Billingsley (Texas)

Texas is so exciting to me this year. Former Bama guy that will get his chance to plug in as the tight end for the Longhorns. We have no idea what we’re getting but talent is there. Even if it doesn’t fully shine through, his traits are intriguing which is more than you can say for most tight ends.


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