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Washington Commanders
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Is the Washington Commanders A Good Name? Does it Even Matter?

via ©Rob Carr, Getty Images

The imprortance of Washingtons’ re-brand

Washingtons’ official name change is set, next season the Washington Commanders will take the field. So what is the importance of the name change? Going back some years, Washington decided, after getting much backlash, that it was time to change their name completely. People had begun to complain that it was a questionable name and the decision was made to come up with a new one. Therefore, for an interim period, they settled with the “Washington Football Team”. Personally, I found that name to be rather bland. I mean there really is not much going for it. Yes, it is straight to the point and avoids any confusion as to what the name means, however, it lacked character.

Washingtons’ name change

The importance of Washingtons’ name change is rather simple in its lamest terms. After receiving criticism, the organization thought it was in its best interest to scrap it and start over. After compiling an extensive list of potential names, finally, the name is set in stone. In the 2022-2023 season, for the first time, we will see the new Washington Commanders.

Thoughts on the Commanders

Next up, some thoughts about the new name. Yes, Washingtons’ official name change is set. That being said, at first, I was not a huge fan of the new name. I thought that there were some other names in the running that may have better suited the team. Despite my initial thoughts, I took some more time to think about it. After some deliberation, I do find the name to be suiting. The name “commanders” is not only a strong name that displays authority, but it also allows the team to gracefully transition from a more questionable name to one that fits the capital city much better. Give it time folks, I am sure the name will grow on you as well.


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