Washington Football Team
Daniel Snyder has made many questionable decisions, but his choice on the name “Washington Football Team” was genius. (Getty Images)

The Washington Football Team is a genius marketing strategy. Before you start coming at me on social media for saying this, hear me out and read because I’m sure you’ll understand where I’m coming from after. You might even agree with me.

Free Advertisement

I remember seeing a few memes about the “The Washington Football Team.” Numerous individuals bashed owner Daniel Snyder and the marketing team in Washington for not coming up with something more creative or original.

Despite all that bashing, the criticism, and all the memes, some good came out of it: Free advertisement. Every joke you’ve made, every meme that was devised about the team eam gave Washington free advertising.

Merchandise As A Joke

Another genius idea about the name “Washington Football Team” is that people will buy merchandise as a joke. Some people will buy a shirt or hat only as a joke. A “look how dumb this is, I had to get it” type of humor.

Merchandise As New Team

The permanent name is still unknown, but one thing that will remain certain is that people will need to buy new merchandise for the official team name. People who bought team merchandise as a joke will now need to purchase merchandise of the new name. Also, anyone who has Redskins merchandise will most likely want to purchase merchandise with the new name.

Whether it was intentional or not, the Washington Football Team is a genius name for marketing and sales. The free advertisement and double-dipping that most fans will do for merchandise will generate both revenue and attention. Regardless of how this happened, its a great for marketing.

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