Vote For Max

Vote For Max As America’s Favorite Pet

Guest post written by Jamie Hammell (who runs our merchandise store)

We all know and love Max Scherzer, a pitcher on the Washington Nationals.  Well, Max needs your votes. Not Max Scherzer, Maximiliano, a 1-year-old Siberian husky. Max was named after Scherzer for his unique heterochromia (bi-colored eyes). Max is in the running for America’s Favorite Pet! If max wins he will be in Dogster Magazine!

Vote For Max

Voting Begins Feburary 2nd at 2pm EST. 

Here is the link to vote:

Here is a little bit about Max:

Max is a 1-year old Siberian Husky with high-energy. Max loves running, playing with any squeaky toy, rolling in the snow, snacking on peanut butter, cuddling on the couch, car rides, and posing for pictures. He will play tug-a-war with EVERY toy you give him.  Max loves anything that squeaks. The louder the better! Max loves ANYTHING Peanut Butter! Max is a loving, caring, strong, and playful puppy. Max goes to training weekly and knows all his commands (sit, down, stay, look). He is a registered emotional support dog. He is the perfect companion. 

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