Vendetta Vibe Playlist
The first of many, here is The Vendetta Vibe Playlist! Every Monday, people from the site will send in songs and I will put them together in a playlist on Spotify! (Ariel Stull/Vendetta Sports Media)

The Vendetta Vibe Playlist: The First Of Many July 19th, 2021

Now seems like a great time to start a weekly series, The Vendetta Vibe Playlist. Every Monday, certain members of the company will give some songs that they have been listening to. This post is where you can see the reasoning behind a song’s appearance, and the songs for each week’s version of the playlist. Each week’s playlist will also be available on Spotify!

Scott Logush: Boys From Back Home – Scotty McCreery

This song was a personal choice. I just graduated high school and had prom and an after-party with a few of my close buddies. While we are all going our separate ways, we will always be the boys from back home and we will always stay connected and get together when we can. That is the story of this song. Also, look at this picture! It looks like a goddamn album cover!

As one of my friends said, this is the album cover for our new hit “Fuck It, Doing It Live.” Also purple is my colour now.
Adam Krieger: Demeanor – Pop Smoke and Dua Lipa

Adam gave absolutely no reasoning for this song so just enjoy it.

Alex Chick: Stay – Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber

Stay by Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber is a bop. I don’t even really like both of them but the song is such a vibe and super catchy. I have no shame blasting this from my car

Gavin Daly: Pure Morning – Placebo

Placebo fell into my life in 1996 with ‘Nancy Boy’. The song became an anthem for the disenchanted but the whole self titled album was the soundtrack to my life for a number of my Teenage Angst years. Despite that I’ve gone for ‘Pure Morning’ from the ‘Without You I’m nothing’ album. A friend in need’s a friend indeed.

Gavin Daly: The Bartender And The Thief – Stereophonics 

You can simply just rock out to this. Catchy riffs with catchier lyrics the Sterophonics were the biggest rivals to Oasis in the Brit Pop scene at one point. They could just never repeat the success of album ‘Performance and Cocktails’.

Gavin Daly: Up the Bracket – The Libertines

I always wonder what would have happened had drugs not ruined Pete Doherty’s life. With Carl Barat he made up the front two of British band the Libertines and with catchy songs like ‘Up the bracket’ and ‘Can’t Stand me now’ they could have been bigger than the Beatles. Probably not but that seems to be the popular saying.

Jarrod Prosser: Devil Inside – The Record Company

I’ve been listening to The Record Company’s cover of the old INXS classic Devil Inside of late. Being Australian – and having both parents being huge INXS fans – i couldn’t escape the song as a kid. That’s not a bad thing; it’s a banger! I really like this version, though. All the distortion on both the bass and Chris Vos’ vocals make it feel a touch grimy, compared to the slick production of the original. There will be people that will hear any cover of this song, especially one that veers a touch away from a faithful rendition, as heresy. I’d say give it a couple of listens. It’s a great version of a classic rock song. Can’t wait for COVID to sort itself out so these guys can get out to Australia.

This is one of hopefully many versions of The Vendetta Vibe Playlist. Share it on Twitter and let us know what you think of our taste in music! Also, cheers to Gavin for sending in enough songs to help supply the playlist when people said they would send something and then never sent anything.

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