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Vendetta Vibe Playlist: Songs For College

The Vendetta Vibe Playlist is back after a long hiatus, and for pretty good reason. After midterms in college, I’m back in a writing groove and I have more time and a story that explains the title of this post. Last week, my dorm room had a sticky note on it that said “Pls shut up.” This was directed at my roommates and me, because apparently, we were too loud during the day, night, and even weekends. The funny thing is, we’re basically never in our room on weekends, and when we are in our room we aren’t being loud. So because of this story, I’m presenting you with some songs to absolutely blast in your college dorm room so you too can get noise complaints like me.

Scott Logush: Sorry For Partyin’ – Thomas Rhett

I mean, the title just makes this song one to put it. For when you’re blasting music keeping the whole building up, throw this in for a quick apology as you proceed to party.

Trey Daubert: Face Down, Ass Up – DJ Issac
Scott Logush: Drink Drank Drunk – Adam Sanders

Just a fun one, this has been dubbed the country music sobriety test. See if you can sing this chorus word for word perfectly, if not it’s still a fun song.

Trey Daubert: Don’t Want No Short Dick Man – CJ Gee
Trey Daubert: Its time for the perculator – ItsRahTheProducer
Scott Logush: Bad Day to Be a Bud Light – Alec MacGillivray:

When is it ever a good day to be a Bud Light? Serious question here.

Scott Logush: Whatever – Jordan Rager

After some nights you just need to think of a clever way to get out of work or class.

Scott Logush: Sounded Good Last Night – Cole Swindell

I don’t think I have ever listened to a bad song by Cole Swindell. Seriously, he only hits. Sometimes you wake up around noon after a night and can’t help but think, “Damn, last night sure sounded a lot better than how I feel right now.”

The Vendetta Vibe Playlist will be back more regularly given that I have some more time on my hands now. A funny story gave me the perfect excuse to bring this back, so I had to take it.

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