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2022 NFL Power Rankings

Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Vendetta Sports Media November 2022 NFL Power Rankings

2022 NFL Power Rankings
Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Vendetta Sports Media November 2022 NFL Power Rankings

A new month means a new edition of the Vendetta Sports Media 2022 NFL Power Rankings. Today five of our NFL writers have given individual power rankings, and I put them together and the average gave us the website rankings. There’s some major movement for some teams, so let’s get right into it.

32. Houston Texans (Everyone has them 32. Change: 0)

This is still by far the worst team in football, legitimately nothing has changed.

31. Detroit Lions (Scott 31, Alex 29, Trey 31, Garrett 31, James 31. Average: 30.6. Change: -9)

“The Detroit Lions are good a getting into competitive games, but they are not good at winning competitive games. The offensive line is good, and the running game is good. Despite the handful of offensive weapons, Jared Goff is not the answer at quarterback. I will not sit here and pretend like that is breaking news. It is the reality of the situation though. Oh, the defense is one of the worst in the league too.” – James on the Detroit Lions

30. Carolina Panthers (Scott 30, Alex 31, Trey 27, Garrett 29, James 30. Average: 29.4. Change: 0)

PJ Walker has been incredibly fun to watch, and the Panthers are fully embracing the rebuild. They’re an entertaining team this year but are not that good.

29. Chicago Bears (Scott 29, Alex 30, Trey 28, Garrett 28, James 23. Average: 27.6. Change: +2)

“There are reasons for optimism in Chicago. The Bears’ run game has been good and Justin Fields has looked better as of late. The issue in Chicago is that the defense has underperformed. I can’t imagine things will turn in the right direction after trading linebacker Roquan Smith and defensive end Robert Quinn. Those trades may help the Bears in the long term, but they certainly will not move the Bears up in the 2022 NFL power rankings.” – James on the Chicago Bears

28. Washington Commanders (Scott 28, Alex 28, Trey 25, Garrett 30, James 24. Average: 27. Change: +1)

Taylor Heinicke has made the Commanders a fun watch the past couple of weeks, but let’s be honest here, he’s not a starting quarterback in the NFL. He’s a backup for a reason, many of them in fact, but he’s brought life to this team. The Commanders are just too bad for it to matter this season.

27. Indianapolis Colts (Scott 24, Alex 24, Trey 26, Garrett, 24, James 25. Average: 24.6. Change: 0)

Matt Ryan is benched, and Jonathan Taylor is hurt. The Colts lost a key game to the Titans which has probably eliminated them from contending for the division and from finding a playoff spot, earning them a bottom-feeder position in this month’s NFL 2022 Power Rankings.

26. Pittsburgh Steelers (Scott 27, Alex 20, Trey 24, Garrett 23, James 29. Average: 24.6. Change: -3)

It’s time to look toward the future for Pittsburgh. This year has to be about developing and finding out what Kenny Pickett is. TJ Watt may be returning, and it may be a tight division, but this is a rebuilding year in the Steel City.

25. Denver Broncos (Scott 22, Alex 22, Trey 29, Garrett 27, James 21. Average: 24.2. Change: -7)

The Broncos traded away Bradley Chubb at the deadline to acquire more picks and find a way back in the first round of the draft. I love this move because Chubb may not even be the best edge rusher on the Broncos, and they got a first-round pick out of him and do not have to give him the big payday he got in Miami. They may not be contending this year, but they are setting themselves up well for the off-season.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars (Scott 26, Alex 21, Trey 23, Garrett 21, James 28. Average: 23.8. Change: -13)

The Jaguars got Calvin Ridley, which will not help them this year but the major thing that they have been missing is a true outside wide receiver to help Trevor Lawrence. They showed promise earlier this season, and although that has faded away I like their future prospects.

23. Las Vegas Raiders (Scott 25, Alex 18, Trey 30, Garrett 18, James 22. Average: 22.6. Change: -6)

“The Raiders are plummeting. Despite the very close games they have been in, there’s no spark to this team right now. Fans like me had hope after a decent win against the Texans, but then come out flatter than flat Stanley (remember those books?) against the Saints. The Raiders sit at 2-5, with still a favorable schedule ahead of them. But the problems are in the heads of Carr, McDaniels, and the product on the defensive side. Time is running out. The Raiders are way on the outside looking in for the playoff picture. If they want to have any type of Jesus-turning-water-into-wine miracle, they need to start winning games and fast. Or else the first year of the new regime of McDaniel and Ziegler was a major disappointment.” – Alex on his beloved Las Vegas Raiders.

22. New Orleans Saints (Scott 18, Alex 25, Trey 19, Garrett 25, James 26. Average: 22.6. Change: -2)

Andy Dalton has been playing better than most people would think. Out of all the interceptions against the Cardinals on Thursday Night Football, only one was really his fault. I think the Saints are a better team with Andy Dalton than they are with Jameis Winston. Dalton has a chance to revive his career here.

21. Atlanta Falcons (Scott 23, Alex 23, Trey 21, Garrett 20, James 19. Average: 21.2. Change: 4)

The Falcons are gaining some momentum after a wild win over the Carolina Panthers. They strengthen their cornerback room with Rashad Fenton, and Mariota has been okay. Cordarrelle Patterson is being activated off of IR, but they won’t be in the playoffs.

20. New England Patriots (Scott 20, Alex 26, Trey 13, Garrett 26, James 18. Average: 20.6. Change: 8)

The Patriots are making a big leap in the November edition of our 2022 NFL power rankings, but mostly because many teams are falling below them. Mac Jones hasn’t been good, Bailey Zappe isn’t doing anything too impressive, and the defense is playing well but not great. It’s a very average team that should have gotten killed by the Jets, but was saved because of a horrible roughing the passer call.

19. New York Jets (Scott 19, Alex 27, Trey 15, Garrett 22, James 15. Average: 19.6. Change: 6)

The Jets are a great roster with a quarterback that just turns to absolute dust under pressure. Zach Wilson’s touchdown to interception ratio of 3:5 is actually doing him a favor, he’s been so much worse than that. Apparently, Wilson will be starting every game this season unless he’s hurt, and I don’t think that’ll go as well as the Jets want.

18. Arizona Cardinals (Scott 21, Alex 16, Trey 16, Garrett 16, James 20. Average: 17.8. Change: -2)

The Cardinals have looked better with DeAndre Hopkins returning, but switching Brown for Anderson seems like a push at best, more like a downgrade. This team is just too talent deprived and does not have the coach to help overcome that. They’ll make some noise, and they’ll be fun, but they aren’t to be taken seriously.

17. Green Bay Packers (Scott 17, Alex 19, Trey 17, Garrett 19, James 16. Average: 17.6. Change: -13)

What an absolutely WILD drop from the Green Bay Packers. Their offense is lost, Rodgers doesn’t have a go-to guy, and while they are great at running the ball it greatly reduces the total amount of drives they get. Their defense has been wildly underperforming without any sign of a change. This is a team that did nothing at the deadline to help their 38, about to be 39, year-old quarterback. This is a team that desperately needs an owner.

16. Cleveland Browns (Scott 13, Alex 13, Trey 22, Garrett 13, James 27. Average: 17.6. Change: 3)

Sidenote, what the hell does James have against the Browns??? This is a very well-rounded team that has enjoyed average quarterback play from Jacoby Brissett. Sure he’s been up and down, but it all adds up to average to slightly below-average play overall. If Watson plays even 10% better than Jacoby, the Browns are a Super Bowl team.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Scott 15, Alex 15, Trey 18, Garrett 15, James 14. Average: 15.4. Change: -8)

The Buccaneers have some serious issues to figure out, and I don’t think this coaching staff can do it. Leftwich thinks that he needs to run the ball more to get play action to work, newsflash it doesn’t matter. Play action works. The defense has been disappointing, especially from Devin White. People crowned him too quickly as the best linebacker in the NFL, I never bought it and those people who said he’s the best linebacker in the NFL aren’t looking too smart now, White was never the best linebacker on his team.

14. Los Angeles Rams (Scott 16, Alex 15, Trey 18, Garrett 15, James 14. Average: 15.4. Change: -8)

The Rams under McVay go as far as their offensive line will take them. The line has been bad, and there’s no easy fix. Matthew Stafford has regressed incredibly, and everything just looks off. The defense has been disappointing because no one has been making plays on that front. Aaron Donald is drawing all this attention, and no one else is taking advantage.

13. Los Angeles Chargers (Scott 12, Alex 10, Trey 20, Garrett 10, James 13. Average: 13. Change: -1)

The Chargers are finding ways to win with an injured quarterback, a group of weapons that have been rotating due to injuries, and a banged-up defense. I still don’t believe in Brandon Staley that much, but he’s been keeping this ship afloat and deserves some respect for that.

12. Seattle Seahawks (Scott 11, Alex 17, Trey 10, Garrett 14, James 11. Average: 12.6. Change: 12)

Geno Smith still hasn’t wrote back. The Seahawks are leading their division, and have one of the best offenses in the league with the weapons at receiver and with how damn good Geno Smith has been playing. Rookie cornerback Tariq Woolen has been playing great and has the ball production to show for it.

11. New York Giants (Scott 14, Alex 12, Trey 14, Garrett 9, James 12. Average: 12.2. Change: 10)

Andrew Thomas has been playing like one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL, Saquon Barkley is back and might be playing himself into a major payday. Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams might be the best interior defensive line pairing in the league. Outside of that, there’s not much to like on this roster. Daniel Jones hasn’t been great but he might be the only choice for the Giants at quarterback after this season. Brian Daboll is a wizard, I said he was the best head coach hiring this cycle, and am being proven absolutely right.

10. Tennessee Titans (Scott 9, Alex 9, Trey 9, Garrett 12, James 10. Average: 9.8. Change: 5)

Yes, Ryan Tannehill is hurt but the Titans ran all over Houston despite that. They just find ways to keep winning, and Vrabel deserves a ton of credit for that. They’re going to run away with their division, and then they just need a few things to go right when they get to the dance.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (Scott 7, Alex 11, Trey 5, Garrett 11, James 7. Average: 8.2. Change: 0)

Chase being out hurts this team a lot, but I don’t think they’re much different than they were last year (when Chase is on the field obviously). Not much has changed, when they look like they have everything figured out, something goes wrong and they lay an egg. We’re just seeing it more often and they don’t have the random big plays to bail them out.

8. Baltimore Ravens (Scott 10, Alex 6, Trey 7, Garrett 6, James 6. Average: 7. Change: -3)

The Ravens are still a very good team despite the tough losses. However, losing wide receiver Rashod Bateman to a season-ending injury is a major blow. Mark Andrews is hurt, and Lamar’s play has been falling off big-time late in games. It’s incredibly concerning.

7. Dallas Cowboys (Scott 4, Alex 7, Trey 11, Garrett 8, James 5. Average: 7. Change: 8)

Dak is back. After a rough start, an injury, and returning somewhat early, Dak played a great game against the Bears. The weapons are meh, Tony Pollard is that dude, and Micah Parsons is simply elite. Diggs has been having a better season than last year, and this Cowboys team is staying right there with Philadelphia in this division race.

6. Minnesota Vikings (Scott 8, Alex 8, Trey 8, Garrett 4, James 4. Average: 6.4. Change: 8)

Could this be the year it all works for the Vikings and Kirk Cousins? I think Cousins has been better than he gets credit for throughout his time in Minnesota. Justin Jefferson is still that dude and the Vikings have the best edge duo in the league with Smith and Hunter. Their offensive line is really coming together, and Garrett Bradbury has been solid this year, which is much better than anyone can say about his early career. Now they add TJ Hockenson to help this offense, and their group of corners surrounding Patrick Peterson has been very good. This team is legit.

5. San Francisco 49ers (Scott 5, Alex 4, Trey 6, Garrett 7, James 8. Average: 6. Change: 3)

This 49ers team is dangerous. The defense is elite with Bosa leading the charge. Jimmy Garoppolo is commanding this offense with Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle, and Christian McCaffrey. Talanoa Hufanga has been emerging as a star, this team is dangerous and will make some noise in the playoffs.

4. Miami Dolphins (Scott 6, Alex 5, Trey 4, Garrett 5, James 9. Average: 5.8. Change: 2)

I have my concerns about this Dolphins team. I think the Bradley Chubb addition is pretty overrated. This offense has scored more than 20 points three times. For all the hype around this team, they sure do have trouble scoring. The defense won’t be able to keep the Chiefs under 20 in the playoffs, so it’s time for this offense to figure it out.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (Scott 3, Alex 3, Trey 3, Garrett 1, James 2. Average: 2.4. Change: 0)

Undefeated Eagles stay right where they are. Not much else needs to be said here, we all know how the top three will shake out.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (Scott 2, Alex 2, Trey 2, Garrett 3, James 3. Average: 2.4. Change: 0)

The Chiefs remain second in our 2022 NFL power rankings. They haven’t been missing Tyreek Hill much, Mahomes is still Mahomes and the defense has been performing. The offensive line is great outside of both tackle spots, and Travis Kelce keeps playing like the best tight end in football

1. Buffalo Bills (Scott 1, Alex 1, Trey 1, Garrett 2, James 1. Average: 1.2. Change: 0)

To be the king, you must kill the king. The Buffalo Bills are the kings again of the Vendetta Sports Media 2022 NFL Power Rankings.

What rankings shocked you? What do you agree or disagree with? Let us know on Twitter!

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