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Vendetta Fantasy Baseball Trade Alert


(Photo by Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

(Photo by Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Vendetta Fantasy Baseball Trade Alert

As the MLB season continues, so do trades in the Vendetta Fantasy Baseball league. I covered the last one that went down, but today some elite talent was traded, and it’s definitely worth looking into. With that in mind let’s breakdown this trade between Trey and Jiarmani

The Trade

Trey: Yordan Alvarez, Edward Cabrera, Isaac Paredes

Jiarmani: Mookie Betts, Noah Syndergaard, Garrett Whitlock, Tommy Edman


Well to put it simply, you can’t really ever hate a trade if it means you’re getting Yordan Alvarez. He is one of the most gifted hitters on the planet and about as consistent of a bat there is in the League. I think the Swap of Mookie for Yordan is one that Trey wins over the course of the season.

He currently is the number one ranked OF/DH in our league and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Yordan will give Trey a steady flow of points and in my opinion will end up outscoring Mookie Betts.

But don’t just take my word for it, Trey himself was nice enough to give his rationale for making the trade.

“I wanted to find a way to swap Mookie Betts for Yordan Alvarez anyway I could. I had to throw in a few pieces to get it done but weren’t any pieces I wasn’t fine with dropping if I had to. From a fantasy perspective, I haven’t been impressed with what Betts has given me this year. Maybe he’s starting to decline. Yordan feels like one of the safest bats in the game so that’s why we made the deal.”

Quote Via Trey Daubert

Overall can’t really say I hate the thought process, you have a chance to bring in Yordan Alvarez you do it, even if it means having to give up a little extra.


I’ve made my thoughts clear on the exchange of just Mookie Betts and Yordan Alvarez. Over the course of the season, I feel that Yordan will end up being the higher-scoring player. That’s not to say Betts will be bad by any means but I just don’t think he will be able to keep up with Yordan.

But where Jiarmani does win this trade is on the back end of this deal, or in this case the players traded who aren’t the previously mentioned two. Syndergaard and Whitlock in my opinion will both end up outperforming a struggling Edward Cabrera and will provide Jiarmani with some always-needed pitching depth.

And then the swap of Tommy Edman and Isaac Paredes is essentially a wash in my eyes. Both are very similar players in terms of their fantasy value. Play a lot of positions, solid hitters but nothing crazy in terms of power, and may be able to get you some stolen bases.

It’s clear that Jiarmani was prioritizing depth with this trade, and over the course of an entire MLB season depth could be the difference-maker in close matchups. But more with his thoughts on the trade is Jiarmani

“Yordan was a vital piece to what I wanted my team to be. He’s been my best bat out the gate. However I believe the return I got for him aids other parts of my team that I needed to address. I’m willing to move anyone on my team for the right price and makes sense. My squad only got better from this deal”

Quote Via Jiarmani

Closing Thoughts

In all, I think Trey is getting the better end of this deal, while Jiarmani is getting more depth I just can’t overlook the addition that is Yordan Alvarez. It’s pretty hard to lose a trade when you are bringing in arguably the best overall hitter on the planet. Depth is valuable but not more Valuable than Yordan Alvarez.

Let’s get to the grades now…

Trey: A

Jiarmani: B

With that another trade is behind us in the Vendetta Fantasy Baseball league. Some big-time players were dealt and it’s sure to shake up the rest of the season. But what do you think about the trade? Are you as high on Yordan as I am? Or did Jiarmani win the trade with the pitching depth he acquired? I’m sure plenty of you disagree with me and I’d love to hear it.


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