Urban Meyer
Urban Meyer will teach a character and leadership course at Ohio State (Greg Bartram/USA TODAY Sports)

No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. Urban Meyer is about to coach his “final” game as a head coach in college football with Ohio State taking on Washington in the Rose Bowl. Meyer will step down and Ryan Day will take over as the head football coach for the Buckeyes. Meyer is stepping down from Ohio State because of health issues but apparently is healthy enough to teach a class.

According to ABC News, Meyer stay at Ohio State to teach a character and leadership course at the University:

“Urban Meyer may be retiring from coaching, he’ll continue to work with Ohio State.

The current Buckeye head coach he says he’ll remain at the university to teach a leadership class through Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business.

Meyer told ABC6/FOX28’s Clay Hall the news on Thursday. While the current Buckeye head coach didn’t provide any additional information on the class, he did say he’ll also work in development for the university.”

Some things in life you can’t make up. Is anything more predictable than this. What a fraud. Character and leadership? Talk about a guy that fakes a heart attack on the sidelines when things don’t go his way. All of the sudden when Meyer is winning, his health is fine and well. Character and leadership? Sounds like the right man for the job considering he hired and protected a guy that beat his wife? Yup, perfect. Character and leadership? Yes, Meyer fits that description. How many criminals did he recruit at Florida?

No one actually believes that Meyer is done coaching, right? This “retirement” is just a hoax to make people forget about the allegations regarding Zach Smith and how Meyer protected him. Health concerns? I could make the argument that teaching is more difficult than coaching a football team. Teachers are the lifeblood of America and the backbone of society. Do you know how hard those people work? Hours upon hours overtime grading papers and siting with students helping them in office hours. I’ll tell you what, that brain cyst must really be bothering him.