Justin Turner
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Moments after the Los Angeles Dodgers won their first world series, in 32 years, the world found out that 3rd baseman Justin Turner received a positive test for COVID-19.

What we are all wondering, is what went down with the Justin Turner situation? and what happened after he received a positive test?

In the 7th inning, of game 6 of the World Series, Turner was forced to leave the game because of the positive test. Edwin Rios took his place in the field, and Kike Hernandez batted for him in the bottom half of the inning. What we are all wondering, is why did he get the results back during the middle of the game? 

What we know, is that his test on Monday came back inconclusive during the second inning. MLB, then instructed the lab in Utah that they use, to expedite his Tuesday saliva test. That test came back positive, and they found this out in the 7thinning of game 6, which resulted in Turner being forced to leave the game. 

After the Dodgers won, Turner tweeted about it,

Moments later, Fox shows Justin Turner on the field celebrating with his team. Posing for pictures, with a mask on his chin. According to reports, MLB asked him to isolate, but he ignored this request, and nobody stopped him from going on the field to celebrate with his team.

Dodgers President of baseball operations, Andrew Friedman, said this about the situation.

“Having a mask on and staying socially distanced, he wanted to come out and take a picture with the trophy,” he said. “We can’t state strongly enough how big a role he played for this organization.”

Andrew Friedman

Friedman also said this about what is next in regard to this situation,

“The fact that we were all in a bubble together means that from a contact-tracing standpoint, we’re all in that web,” Friedman said. “Now it’s important that we all test negative however many times or whatever the protocols are to make sure that we don’t go out and potentially spread it to other people.” 

Andrew Friedman

Because of this positive test, Dodgers players and family will have to stay in Texas. They also will have to pass an un-certain amount of tests, in order to leave.