UFC 264
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UFC 264: What Happens If Conor McGregor Loses Again?

UFC 264 could be the turning point in Conor McGregor’s return to the top of the UFC lightweight division. With a win, McGregor fights for a title for the first time in 4 years, but what happens if he loses again?

What Happens If The Double Champ Loses?

The good news for Conor McGregor is that even if he loses, he is still the biggest superstar in UFC history. Win or loss, Conor McGregor can basically fight whoever he wants to because he makes Dana White insane amounts of money. If he does lose on Saturday night, which I believe he will, I see one fight in his immediate future: Nate Diaz. There is no question that the first two fights between Diaz and McGregor were two of the most-watched fights of all time, and a third may break the scale. Nate Diaz is a superstar in his own right, so the fight just makes sense. To me, that is the only fight to make if Conor McGregor loses to Poirier in the trilogy fight. Not only will the fight break every pay-per-view record in UFC history, but it would also be a hell of a fight. The second fight, to some, is the greatest fight in UFC history, so what will a third fight hold? Who knows, but man, would it be fun to watch.

Will McGregor Even Fight In The UFC Again If He Loses?

Nobody knows if McGregor will fight in the UFC again if he loses, but I can speak for McGregor fans when I say I sure hope he does. McGregor has hinted at a return to the boxing ring in the future, so a loss on Saturday could give him another reason to return to the ring. McGregor is so famous that I think there would be plenty of interested fighters. A rematch with Floyd Mayweather could be in the cards, but who really knows.

I just hope that McGregor is in a UFC Venum kit at least one more time regardless of the outcome of Saturday’s fight. His star power and impact on the sport will be something that is greatly missed when he finally hangs it up, but until then, enjoy him.

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