Tyrod Taylor
Tyrod had his lung punctured in a routine procedure.(David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports)

Tyrod Taylor might have just lost his job as the starting QB for the Chargers, not because he didn’t play well. The team doctor for LA was administering a pain-killer for Taylor’s cracked ribs, but went too deep and punctured Taylor’s lung. How’s that comically inept medical personnel. In Taylor’s absence, Justin Herbert started.

Tyrod Taylor lost his job… Again

Herbert, the sixth overall pick in this year’s draft, was waiting for a chance, any chance, to swoop in and steal the show. And in his first game, Herbert almost led the team to victory over the defending super bowl champion Chiefs. Would Taylor have had that same effect? Who’s to say.

Oops It Seems I Have Gone Too Far

Professional sports franchises do not hire random, borderline unqualified doctors. No. Teams bring in high-quality doctors to match their high-quality players. As for the doctor who was giving Taylor the shot, they’ve gone through years of medical school, residency, and more, with a lot of training involved.

With that in mind, the doctor must’ve had it out for Taylor. Either that, or someone needs to check his medical license.

Taylor yet again looks like his job is getting taken from him, which has become a semi-regular theme. He had his job taken by Baker Mayfield, which is pretty bad in and of itself. Before Mayfield took his job in Cleveland, Josh Allen stole the show in Buffalo. And now Herbert has taken his job, by way of a medical mistake.

Losing your job due to a medical mess-up, yes, he’s still on the roster, and being paid well compared to the average American worker, has to be the worst way to lose your job. Taylor has had injuries lead the way to a new quarterback taking over for him in the past. He’s had other odd circumstances get in the way as well. But this is the most bizarre, out of the ordinary way to lose a job.