Ty Lue
Nam Y. Huh/Associated Press

Ty Lue is one of the most coveted head-coaching candidates this offseason. After being the early favorite for the Clippers head coaching job, he will interview with the Rockets and the Pelicans for the same position. Adrian Wojnarowski posted this on Twitter:

First of all, I don’t and never seen the hype around Ty Lue. He isn’t a good coach. Lebron was coaching that Cavs team, not Ty Lue. Of course, I will eat my humble pie and admit that I said the same thing about Erik Spoelstra. That could have been me being salty they beat my beloved Spurs in the 2013 NBA Finals.

Now, I have come to appreciate Coach Spo for the coaching genius he is. I can’t do that with Ty Lue; I have more knowledge of the game and can see the man can’t coach. Teams shouldn’t waste their time. There’s a reason why he didn’t have a head coaching job this year. Assistant for the Clippers? Lost in the second round. That team was a lot better than the Lebron led Cavaliers in 2016.

It isn’t all bad. One of the teams interested in Lue is the Rockets, and if you’ve read my posts before, you know I hate the Rockets. More specifically, James Harden. So, if Ty Lue went there and stunk it up, I wouldn’t hate it. I would have a problem with him going to the Pelicans, though. That Pelicans team has excellent young talent, and they need the right coach not to mess it up. Ty Lue would.

My take: don’t waste your time on him. He’ll let you down, whether it is in the regular season or the playoffs. You heard it here first.