Trevor Bauer
Trevor Bauer doesn’t miss Cleveland (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Trevor Bauer was traded from the Indians during the trade deadline. Somehow, he didn’t leave the state of Ohio after the Reds acquired him in a three way deal that also included the Padres. Bauer went from being in the middle of a pennant race to out of the hunt with the Reds. Nevertheless, Bauer is happier in Cincinnati. In fact, he wants you to know that he doesn’t miss the city of Cleveland at all.

“It was very easy coming in. Everyone did a really good job being accommodating, making it easy for me to make the transition. The information is great here, the coaching staff is great here, and overall I’m a lot happier here than I was. Sometimes you don’t realize how unhappy you are in a situation until you’re out of it. Just kind of the day-to-day life. I miss some of my teammates and stuff, but overall I don’t really miss a whole lot about Cleveland.”

Bauer has been horrible with the Reds so far. Bauer has an ERA of 7.62 with Cincinnati. That’s pathetic. I guess this is the only thing Bauer can really say. Hey, at least he’s not in Cleveland anymore? Cincinnati can’t be much of an upgrade. Especially when he’s pitching like dog shit.

I’m kinda over Bauer. It’s one thing when you’re talking shit when winning. It’s another when you stink. The drone thing works when you’re doing well. It’s weird when you suck. It’s starting to make me think that Terry Francona really did all he could to reel him in and make him functional. Without being in a pennant race, his mind is just all over the place. All Bauer does is run his mouth. You gotta be better than a 7 ERA to do that.

I wonder if the Reds may move Bauer in the offseason. He is scheduled to hit free agency after the following season. There’s no reason for this Reds team to keep him around past next year’s trade deadline.