Trae Young
(Seth Wenig/Associated Press)

Trae Young Has Fully Embraced His Role As An NBA Villain

Trae Young hasn’t been in the NBA for very long, but he sure has made a name for himself. I’m not sure there are many NBA fans that actually like him other than Hawks fans. With his playstyle, he has received quite a bit of hate from fans. The longer he remains in the league, the more you see him embrace his path down to NBA villainy. This was becoming more evident against the New York Knicks, whose fans are as ruthless as they come.

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It all started in the 1st game of the Knicks and Hawks NBA Playoff Series. With the Knicks being the 4th seed, they were at home against the Hawks. In a pretty back-and-forth game, the chants that were heard around Madison Square Garden were “Fuck Trae Young.” Ruthless. But, not as ruthless as the Trae Young making the entire Garden silent with a game-winning floater. He proceeded to shush the crowd with his finger over his mouth.

I’m not a Trae Young fan, but I love this energy. This toxic energy only makes the NBA that much more fun, especially against a savage crowd like the Knicks? Shiver me timbers. This, of course, did not go over well with the crowd next game in Game 2. Young was greeted with boos and more of the infamous “Fuck Trae Young” chant. A fan even had the nerve to spit on him because he was that pressed about him. While the Knicks were winning and won the game eventually, this didn’t phase Trae at all. In fact, he smiled at the chant as to almost challenge them with a “Is that all you got?” smile.

Games 3 and 4 were at home for the Hawks so the level of toxicity between Trae and the Knicks was lower. The Hawks did win both matchups to take a 3-1 lead over the Knicks. However, Game 5 is how I knew that Trae Young realized he was a villain. The Hawks were up and were going to win the game. Knick fans gave their team a standing ovation for passing expectations and making the playoffs. However, Trae Young didn’t care as he proceeded to take and make a deep 3 and proceeded to bow afterward as if the standing ovation was for him. Savage.

Trae Young is an NBA Villain. I don’t think he would want it any other way. A lot of guys in the NBA want to be the good guy. They want all the fans to love them. It seems as if that was becoming less and less likely for Trae. He said fuck it, I’ll become the villain, and he is doing a damn good job of it. In the upcoming 76ers and Hawks matchup, Young will continue his villainy into another toxic crowd of the 76ers. All I can say is that I just can’t wait.

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