Torrey Smith
Torrey Smith Will NOT Be Returning To Baltimore (Evan Habeeb/USA TODAY Sports)

In an online blog post Torrey Smith confirmed he will be playing for another organization in 2015. In a letter to the entire Ravens community he confirmed he will be leaving the city he called home.

“I will be playing for a different organization, but I will remain committed to the City of Baltimore,” Smith wrote. “I will continue to give back and help build a better future for our young men and women. MY COMMITMENT TO THE CITY IS FOR LIFE. This isn’t a goodbye because I will still be around, and Baltimore will continue to be my home in the offseason and when my career is done. I’m on to the next chapter of my life and football career, but I will see you guys later.”

The letter comes as a bit of a surprise because he has yet to sign with another team. After turning down a 5 year, 35 million dollar extension it was clear his time with the team was over. Smith was a second round pick from the University of Maryland. Considering his entire family resided in Maryland I was surprised he did not consider a hometown discount. The San Francisco 49ners are considered to be the favorites currently.

General Manager Ozzie Newsome obviously felt that 7 million dollars a year was more than fair. Personally I would tend to agree consider Smith is a one trick pony possessing only the ability to run deep routes. Having already turned down a 35 million dollar offer one must wonder how much Smith will be receiving. If the number tops the 4 year, 40 million dollar deal Randall Cobb I would be stunned, although crazier things have happened.

Now the Ravens will be tasked with finding a replacement for Torrey. The Ravens often times try to sign players who have been released. They do this because it does not count against the compensatory pick system. A compensatory draft pick is given to the team after the loss of a significant free agent. The Ravens will likely be receiving 4 draft picks this season for the loss of Arthur Jones, Michael Oher, Corey Graham, and Ed Dickson. With this in mind the Ravens will likely pursue players who have been released so they can grab as many picks as possible. Baltimore could also draft his replacement in a deep wide out class.

The rest of Torrey Smith’s letter can be seen here.