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Tom Herman Needs To Start Winning At Texas

Tom Herman
Tom Herman needs to start winning at Texas. The time is ticking on Herman who needs to start delivering more consistent victories. (David K Purdy/Getty Images)

The University of Texas hired Tom Herman because he slew giants at the University of Houston. At Houston, Herman was able to beat the likes of Oklahoma with Greg Ward as his quarterback. Since becoming the head coach of Texas, Herman still watches giants fall; only, he’s on the wrong side of it.

Tom Herman needs to start winning in Texas. There’s nothing else that needs to be said. Herman is 27-16 with the Longhorns. That’s not good enough for a premier program like this, especially in a soft Big 12 that doesn’t tackle. Outside of a lone Sugar Bowl win over Georgia who packed it in, Herman has accomplished virtually nothing.

This past week, Texas lost to TCU 33-31. That should be UNACCEPTABLE for Texas. TCU had one only 5-star recruit and five 4-stare recruits in its 2020 class. Texas also had one 5-star, but 15(!!) 4-star recruits. And that’s only last year. Texas brings in way more talent on paper.

Gary Patterson owns Texas. The Horned Frogs have beaten the Longhorns seven of the last nine years. Now, Herman wasn’t part of all of those meetings, but he’s been there for four years.

TCU, before joining the Big 12, was 1-32 against Texas. They’re 7-2 since joining the conference. That’s a problem. Oregon doesn’t lose consistently to Oregon State. Georgia hammers Georgia Tech virtually all the time. Ohio State doesn’t go out there and get drilled by Youngstown State. Recruiting matters. If Herman can’t dominate the State of Texas, then he shouldn’t have a job.

Herman has a knack of giving away the games he should win with Texas. The Red River Shootout is this weekend, and Oklahoma is coming off of back to back losses. Since Herman arrived at Texas in 2017, he’s 11-6 in games where his team is ranked, and the opponent is unranked. Those six losses are the most in college football over that span.

Guess what? Oklahoma isn’t ranked this week. Texas should not be losing year after year to unranked teams. This is one of the blue bloods of college football. There are no more excuses anymore. Herman has been there long enough to get his recruits in the building.

While Herman is an offensive coach, Texas’ defense is brutal. You can say that Herman has gotten what he could out of a non-NFL quarterback in Sam Ehlinger. We’re still talking about a team where 53 of its players are ranked as 4 or 5-star recruits. Beat TCU!

Herman has yet to win even the Conference at this point. There is no excuse not to win the Big 12 this year. Oklahoma is way down, and they’re the only team in the Conference who should be able to recruit on the level of Texas. Going 18-11 isn’t good enough in conference games.

Look, the time is now for Herman to turn the tide. If this is the results we should expect with Herman, he shouldn’t be the Longhorns head coach. It’s time for him to start winning.


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