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ROH Final Battle Debuts

Credit – Max Everett / Vendetta Sports

Three wrestlers that could debut at ROH Final Battle

ROH Final Battle Debuts
Credit – Max Everett / Vendetta Sports

Three wrestlers that could debut at ROH Final Battle

Since Tony Khan purchased Ring of Honor, new superstars have been popping up for the brand at an all-time rate. It may be a little bit easier now considering ROH and AEW essentially use the same roster, but it is still amazing to see. Future WWE Hall of Famer, Chris Jericho, is the current ROH World Champion among other names showing their face for the brand.

With ROH Final Battle being Khan’s last chance to debut new talent on pay-per-view, there is a possibility we see some huge names.

1. Matt Cardona

Matt Cardona wrestled a few matches for AEW a while back, but he and the organization never came to terms on a long-term contract.

Cardona has been on a great run across the independent circuit ever since leaving WWE. Recently, there has been rumors that WWE is interested in a return for the former Intercontinental Champion and he has even teased it on social media.

Despite that, Cardona making his ROH debut at Final Battle could be the way to go for the wrestler to get a proper push. Having him show up to confront Samoa Joe would be electric. Cardona was once known as the ‘Internet Champion’ so having him confront the ‘King of Television’ would be a great way to make his debut.

2. Sasha Banks

Wrestling fans have been dying to see where Sasha Banks is going to show up ever since she walked out of WWE. With no real public knowledge on her contract status, we are not sure if this even possible.

Regardless, this is still Khan’s last chance to have the star debut on pay-per-view. Khan would be foaming at the mouth at an opportunity to land the former WWE Women’s Champion. If Banks made her debut for ROH by costing Athena her title match, it would immediately set up a storyline fans will go nuts for.

Banks would arguably be the biggest signing of the year for Khan. It is the type of acquisition that could reshape the direction of the ROH and AEW women’s divisions.

3. Goldberg

This acquisition would easily be the biggest in ROH history.

There are rumors that Goldberg’s contract with WWE expired after his last match. Khan needs to do something like this if he plans on bringing his companies to the level of WWE one day.

Goldberg coming face-to-face with Jericho for the first time in decades could be exactly what needs to happen in order to start that. Jericho has already done great things for the ROH brand.

No matter what anyone says, ROH is being talked about more than ever. Goldberg is the type of household name that could catapult AEW and ROH into a tier dominated by the McMahon family for generations.




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