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WWE White Rabbit

Credit – Max Everett – Vendetta Sports Media

Three stars who could be the White Rabbit in WWE

WWE White Rabbit
Credit – Max Everett – Vendetta Sports Media

Three stars who could be the White Rabbit in WWE

One of the most intriguing storylines in WWE of late has been surrounding the White Rabbit mystery.

Throughout segments on recent episodes of WWE Monday Night RAW, there has been technical difficulties and various QR codes appearing on the screen. If you scan these QR codes, they bring you various clues into who could be behind the White Rabbit. Most recently, one of those clues pointed to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, which is home of this year’s WWE Extreme Rules. This is leading many to believe the White Rabbit superstar will be revealed at the premium live event.

There has been plenty of speculation surrounding the star’s identity and with WWE Extreme Rules taking place in just a couple of days, I am here to bring some of those theories to light.

Bray Wyatt

The most likely and most talked about potential identity behind the White Rabbit is Bray Wyatt. Wyatt was shockingly released by the company just over a year ago. Fans have been craving his return to the company ever since, most of them feeling he should have never been released in the first place.

It makes a ton of sense for Wyatt to be behind the mystery. He has famously portrayed dark gimmicks throughout his career just as well as anybody.

Several of the QR codes also hinted toward Bray Wyatt. One of them led to a location in Louisiana, where Bray was once billed from in WWE. Fans have been dreaming of a Fiend and Demon Finn Balor match ever since the Fiend character debuted. Having Wyatt return to WWE after a Balor victory at WWE Extreme Rules while The Judgement Day is standing tall would send the crowd into a frenzy.

Joe Gacy

Another interesting candidate for the White Rabbit is Joe Gacy, who is currently in NXT and has had a decent bit of success there. He has a similar build to Wyatt and they both have portrayed dark gimmicks throughout their careers, including being the leaders of creepy factions. For that reason, they constantly draw comparisons. The most recent episode of WWE Monday Night RAW had a QR code that led to a binary code. If you translate that binary code into words, it says Gacy.

What makes the option of Gacy even more interesting is that he is from Franklinville, New Jersey. which is just 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia. He made his name on the independent circuit mostly in CZW, a local wrestling organization, and is recognized as a CZW legend. I think the more likely scenario is Gacy being a member of a new faction led by Wyatt, but the potential of a WWE main roster debut in front of a home crowd for Gacy could just work.

Tommaso Ciampa

The last, and potentially the most interesting, person I landed on was Tommaso Ciampa.

The main thing that he has against him is drawing connection to the QR codes, but even if it isn’t him, I think I am about to sell you on why it could be.

Ciampa hasn’t been on WWE programming in recent weeks. We last saw him working as The Miz’s lackey and sporting neon-colored tights. It was something we were really not used to seeing with Ciampa. Thankfully, it looks like he is done with that, and it can only be a matter of time before he makes his return to WWE television.

Ciampa has always excelled in a darker role. The White Rabbit seems like it may be a bit more mysterious than what we are used to seeing out of him, but there is zero doubt he could pull it off.

Ciampa’s absence from WWE Monday Night RAW has been interesting, mainly because it happened in the middle of a storyline in which Dexter Lumis is stalking and kidnapping The Miz. Just imagine if Ciampa was the man behind it the entire time. Ciampa revealing himself as the White Rabbit and enlisting Gacy and Lumis by his side has the potential to be the best thing in wrestling.



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