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The Tanndemonium Sports Show Calls BS on an Article on!

Vendetta Sports Media is all about calling it as we see it in sports. Right? Well in this episode of the Tanndemonium Sports Show, recorded 11.3.2020, listen to Bryan and Jackson discuss the sole undefeated team in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers! Are they the real deal? And why in the actually HELL wasn’t Chase Claypool even mentioned in the midseason Rookie of the Year Race article by VSM’s Brayden Nuessen from 11.2.2020 on the Vendetta Sports Media website?? Check out the article here. Maybe you can figure out what Brayden was smokin’, because it damn sure wasn’t anything that The Rock is cookin’!

The Los Angeles Dodgers Are the World Series Champions But…

At what cost did their victory come? To be a bit more frank; just how much of a moron is Justin Turner? If that beard blocks blood flow to his brain, maybe it’s time to shave it?

Its pretty sad when, in a team sport, someone cares more about what they want to do instead of what’s best for their teammates, and their families. If you have a serious disease, take your stupid ass home and don’t pass your sickness on to anyone! Why does this even need to be a talking point?

And What’s Up With Kevin Cash?

Have statistics and computing finally ruined baseball for good? What do Bryan and JLaw think of how Blake Snell was treated?

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