The Tanndemonium Sports Show Is Back!

For Bryan Tann, Jackson Law, and our new producer Christian “Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez” Lathrope hope you had a safe and Happy Holiday!

NFL Wild Card Weekend

Wildcard Weekend is one of the greatest weekends in sports. This is going to be amazing!

Chase Young calls out Tom Brady?

Good idea? Bad idea? Is Chase Young beast enough to handle the old vet? Or is the man they call GOAT got enough in the tank to let the new dog know ‘You’re not ready yet!’?

Welcome Back to the Playoffs Cleveland!

So the Browns squeaked into the playoffs after beating the Pittsburgh Steelers second and third stringers. Congratulations on getting the job done! Now its time! Can they do it one more time, or will Big Ben, TJ Watt, Cam Heyward, and the starters in Pittsburgh end the Cinderella post-season?

Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl Bound

Is there a guy that should be apologized to more than Aaron Rodgers besides Deshaun Watson? This guy is amazing and he’s on his way back to the Super Bowl. Or is he? We talk about this today!