And Now For A Special Tanndemonium Sports Show

The Tanndemonium Sports Show is back for a special edition! Today Bryan Tann and Jackson Law are talking with Sean Gibson, the great-grandson of Major League Baseball Hall of Famer, and Negro League Baseball slugger Josh Gibson.

Finally! Major League Baseball Has Entered the 21st Century!

The horrid, racist past of the segregation era of Major League Baseball has erased forever with the recognition of Negro League Baseball stats and records in the MLB! We are happy to get Sean’s opinion on this!

The Josh Gibson Foundation

As the executive director of The Josh Gibson Foundation, a youth-oriented program, which was founded by Sean’s grandfather Josh Gibson Jr., Sean oversees more than just an afterschool sports program! Youth can receive college elective credits for classes that teach children the business side of sports!

The Tanndemonium Sports Show Supports #JG20MVP!

Sean has a hashtag dedicated to changing the name of Major League Baseball’s MVP trophy. MLB has changed the original name from the Kenesaw Mountain Landis, and among the finalist names is Josh Gibson’s!

Go to for more information on the Josh Gibson Foundation. The #JG20MVP dedicated to renaming the Major League Baseball MVP award to that of the Josh Gibson MVP Award. Go to and sign the petition dedicated to the renaming of the MLB MVP Award to honor Josh Gibson.