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David Price

(Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports)

The Red Sox 2018 World Series Hopes Start And End With David Price

David Price
David Price is the Red Sox most important player this postseason (Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports)

I’ve witnessed three World Series championships in my life and I feel like the luckiest baseball fan in the world. Winning in 2004 and coming back from a 3-0 deficit to the hated Yankees is something that can never be topped. It’s kinda depressing that moment may have been the best moment in my life and I was in elementary school. 2007 the Red Sox started to have good karma instead of being terrible when I was younger. Then, the Red Sox even won in 2013. I’m still convinced that they only reason they won that year was because of the marathon bombings. The team the Red Sox had in 2013 was terrible and John Farrell was the manager. How lucky was that run? They honestly were relying on some sort of weird beard fetish that carries them to a title! I mean, what more could I ask for. How many fans will probably never see a title?

Fast forward to 2018. This is the best Red Sox team ever. 108 wins is a franchise record and they really didn’t try the last two months of the season. Manager Alex Cora had a quote that sums up the Red Sox effort the past two months – “We’re trying to sprint to the finish line, not limp towards it”. Anyone that had a scratch on him was sent to the DL to rest up for the postseason. Hell, Boston even has Mookie Betts and JD Martinez that will finish first and second in the MVP voting. The Red Sox have their version of Manny and Papi. The Red Sox even have their 2018 Pedro. What needs to happen and what is the key to the Red Sox entire postseason is David Price. Can he reincarnate Curt Schilling? The Red Sox 2018 World Series hopes starts and ends with David Price.

0-9. Let me repeat that. 0-9. In a postseason game that David Price starts, his team is 0-9 in the playoffs. David Price is 2-8 with a 5.03 ERA in the playoffs. Both of those wins have come as a reliever.

“My career is based on what I do in October now”

You’re god damn right it is. David Price was given $217 million for one reason. Get pitch 7 shutout innings in October. So far, Price hasn’t been able to deliver. For a guy that makes $30 million per year, Price’s detractors will never go away if he doesn’t perform.

Price’s role is so key because you don’t trust Boston’s pitching outside of Chris Sale. We all know that Sale is a robot and he’s going to bring it. Do you trust Rick Porcello to go get a W. How about Joe Kelly in the 7th inning? Matt Barnes? Brandon Workman? Do the Red Sox have any reliever that you trust outside of Craig Kimbrell?

Fans in Boston have a reason to believe in David Price this year for one reason. This guy has been electric in the second half. In 11 starts, Price went 6-1 with a 2.25 ERA. His advanced numbers have also been fantastic. A .971 WHIP is phenomenal. 9 Strikeouts per 9 innings also works.

Releasing Hanley Ramirez Might Cost The Red Sox The 2018 World Series Title

Boston is going to score. They led baseball with 876 runs. However, the reason why they didn’t lead baseball in run differential was because Boston’s pitching is vulnerable. David Price can cement himself as a legend with three good postseason starts. The thing about baseball in October is anything can happen and I can’t wait to see what David Price is going to show up.

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