The Minnesota Timberwolves Suck
(Photo by Carlos Gonzalez/Star Tribune via Getty Images)

The Minnesota Timberwolves suck don’t let last night’s game vs the Suns fool you. They had an impressive late comeback victory with a pair of two 40 point scorers in Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards. The Minnesota Timberwolves suck so much that the game may be one of the top 5 greatest moments in Timberwolf’s history. It also brought their win total to ten finally, a feat that took a whopping 41 games. The Timberwolves are a disgrace and a joke of a franchise and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

It’s no way that anyone can take this franchise seriously when they constantly are making the wrong decision and disappointing their fans whenever the opportunity presents itself. Last season when the Wolves tweeted a meme mocking their doubters after they got off to a 7-4 start giving fans hope. The team proceeded to go 3-15 over their next 18 games which also included an 11 game losing streak. The wolves are bad every season no matter how good they start off. The team is a joke.

The wolves Short-sighted moves are Awful

Since 2005, the Wolves have picked in the NBA draft lottery 14 times and made the playoffs once. The one time was the result of a short-sighted move of trading Zach LaVine for Jimmy Butler. That led to an 8th seed finish and a first-round exit. Zach Lavine blossomed into an All-Star with the Chicago Bulls. Jimmy Butler demanded a trade the first chance he got. This is just another example of the Wolves making awful personnel moves that only set the franchise back. The constant mishandling of draft picks and the lack of player development have become a reoccurring theme for this team.

Most recently they decided to once again gamble their future with another trade hoping it would yield immediate results. Trading their 2021 first-round pick and Andrew Wiggins (another failed example of Timberwolves player development) to the Golden State Warriors for D’Angelo Russell. While Russell is one of the closest friends to their franchise player Karl-Anthony Towns and is a talented player in his own right. Giving up that pick is starting to look like a huge mistake as Russell has only been available to play in 32 games. D’Angelo is constantly injured. So much so that Towns and Russell have only appeared in 5 games together in two seasons.

While the pick from the Russell trade is top-three protected there is a chance that the odds don’t go their way. Which means this disaster of a season would be all for nothing. It’s obvious the wolves need all the help they can get on the court. So trading draft picks for a constantly injured player on a max contract isn’t wise.

The Wolves Are At Rock Bottom

The question has been asked before will the Minnesota Timberwolves ever become a winning franchise? The answer is no they never will. They have built a culture of losing. Where the smallest accomplishment could be listed as a top ten moment in franchise history. Jimmy Butler spent 75 games as a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves and he thought they were complete losers without him. Butler was right because without him the Wolves once again turned into losers.

Even Former coach Tom Thibodeau has found success bringing winning basketball back to the New York Knicks. Since Thibodeau, the Wolves have already had two different head coaches. First, it was Ryan Saunders, the son of their former coach Flip Saunders who led the team to their only conference finals appearance in history. However, Ryan could not recreate his father’s success. His record of 43-94 got him fired midway through his second season and replaced by Chris Finch. Finch immediately began his coaching career on a four-game losing streak. The Timberwolves are perpetual losers and no coaching change will fix that. Even the players on the roster are starting to realize that this team is going absolutely nowhere. Ricky Rubio in an interview given to The Athletic about the Wolves season was quoted as saying ” I don’t feel like this is building anything” and he is right.

The Wolves are dead last in the NBA standings with their star point guard constantly sidelined with injury and star center constantly in trade rumors because he seems unhappy after the toughest year in his life. They may not even have a high draft pick to show this lost season. The Minnesota Timberwolves suck and this is rock bottom. They aren’t building towards anything and eventually Karl-Anthony Towns Patience will run out.