That’s Some Cheese with Trey Daubert returns with an epic rant. Are you one of those people that wants to ban the shift? If so, please fornicate yourself. You are what’s wrong with baseball. Want to create more offense? Put the fucking DH in the National League.

If you disagree, please contact me @treydaubert on twitter or via email at I welcome you to join the podcast because it’s a battle you will lose 100 percent of the time.

That's Some Cheese
Guess what? If Joey Gallo can’t hit the ball to the left side then that’s his f*cking problem (MLB)

Did you ever spend time inside a professional baseball clubhouse? You know who did? I did. Baseball players are responsible for two things. Playing baseball and whipping their ass. That’s it. Clubhouse guys take care of ALL of their responsibilities. They have 8 hours if not more to show up early and work on hitting the ball the other way. Do you want to know how many actually put the extra work in? Almost none. I’ve been in the clubhouse. Want to ban the shift? F*CK YOU! Let’s be smarter, not promote ignorance and stupidity.