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Terry McLaurin

(Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Terry McLaurin is a Receiver I Don’t Want to Draft in Fantasy

Terry McLaurin
(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Terry McLaurin is a Receiver I Don’t Want to Draft in Fantasy

I’m feeling deja vu while starting this article because I advised people the same exact thing last year, and I hate to say it to his cult-like following, but I was right about Terry McLaurin in fantasy. He was mid. The man was as inconsistent as can be and simply could not be trusted in your lineup. Now I know he’s talented, but his talent wasn’t enough to overcome his situation last year and I think this year will be very similar.

First of all, his new quarterback is just not very good. Karl Heiser wrote an awesome article explaining why. Social media star, Theo Ash’s video goes even more in depth if you care that much. No matter what anyone says though, my eyeballs tell me everything I need and it’s pretty clear that Carson Wentz is not a winning NFL quarterback anymore. There are lots of reasons why but at the end of the day for Terry McLaurin it’s not a great sign.

McLaurin is by far the most dangerous weapon the Washington Commanders have on offense so I can bet you he’s going to have the toughest defensive matchups week in and week out. Had he been set to play with an above average quarterback, I could have overlooked that. But when your quarterback is bad, he is simply not going to be able to get McLaurin the ball against tough guards. McLaurin is a great deep threat, but defenses know that too and with Wentz at the helm, McLaurin’s biggest strength will likely never be used to his advantage.

On top of that, there are actually other guys around McLaurin who are capable. Curtis Samuel is a legitimate threat and he’s healthy now. Jahan Dotson has already leap-frogged more experienced receivers like Cam Sims and Dyami Brown on the depth chart. The Commanders have something in Dotson and it looks like they know it. Logan Thomas has grown into a very solid option the past couple seasons. To round it off, having a backfield containing a talented Antonio Gibson and J.D. McKissic who is the king of check-downs won’t help McLaurin’s case.

At the end of the day, the offense won’t be very good because Carson Wentz is as mediocre as they come. With that below average offense, there are a lot of options to spread the ball to and to be completely honest McLaurin just isn’t that good either. He’s simply not talented enough to overcome this situation and produce consistent fantasy points.

The worst part about McLaurin is his steep cost in drafts and that’s the biggest reason why I’m passing on “Scary Terry.” His nickname is apt though because I promise you, he’ll be giving his fantasy managers nightmares this season.





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