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Adam Silver

Adam Silver: No Data That “Black Lives Matter” Hurt NBA Ratings

In regards to social justice, the NBA tried to do its part to bring awareness to social injustices done to black people by backing and advertising the "Black Lives Matter"…

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Abby Chin

Celtics Sideline Reporter Abby Chin Laid Off

Celtics Sideline Reporter Abby Chin Laid Off Abby Chin, the sideline reporter for the Boston Celtics of the NBA, has been laid off. Chin recently took to Twitter to say…

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Jusuf Nurkic

Blazers Are A Totally Different Team With Jusuf Nurkic

All year I bashed the Blazers and their defense. To their defense, they've been dealing with injuries all year that actually impacted their lackluster defense. Now, the Blazers looked like…

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Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk Is An Idiot and “Done Watching the NBA”

So just some background information before I begin, I have never once heard of Charlie Kirk before going on Twitter after the NBA restart. A true "who the fuck is…

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