Super Bowl 53
Check out the preview between the Patriots and Rams. Who will win Super Bowl 53! (Getty Images)

Super Bowl 53. It’s finally here. The New England Patriots will take on the Los Angeles Rams to see who will become world champs for the 2018-2019 season. As I’m writing this, the Patriots are 2.5 point favorites over the Rams. CBS with the magician Tony Romo will broadcast the game. As you watch with family and friends, first take some time to read a preview of the game. Here’s why each team can win Super Bowl 53!

New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams (Sunday, February 3rd, 2019)


Super Bowl 53
Tom Brady is the GOAT and he’s only adding to his legacy (Darron Cummings/AP)

1: Tom Brady’s Destiny:

Tom Brady is going to pick the Rams apart. I know this because Brady kills teams by death of a thousand cuts. Underneath throw here, underneath throw there, and on, and on. The Rams have zero reliable linebackers. Especially ones that can cover. The Patriots weapons will notch a ton of yards after the catch. Didn’t you see what the Saints did with Alvin Kamara to the Rams?

Brady is heading to his 9th Super Bowl with a chance to win number 6. We are just watching greatness. Brady is going to win. He always does. Brady, Belichick, win. The Patriots outcoach everybody. This isn’t just Belichick vs. McVay. It’s also Josh McDaniels and Wade Phillips. The overall coaching tree in New England is just stronger.

2: Bill Belichick Will Make Jared Goff Beat Them And He Can’t:

Bill Belichick is the greatest coach in NFL history. We know this. However, I want to talk about the job Belichick and defensive coordinator Brian Flores have done with this secondary. Predictably, the Pats found their Malcolm Butler replacement (undrafted J.C. Jackson) and turned him into the best corner in football. It never stops. Why not take the local Walmart greeter too. Jackson has allowed a league-best 42.0 passer rating against. By comparison, Xavien Howard ranks 2nd in the NFL with 62.6 passer rating against. Again, Jackson was undrafted out of Maryland and probably stinks (just like Malcolm Butler does) but this is just what Bill Belichick does. He’s the best teacher in the game.

We all know the deal with Bill Belichick. He takes away your weapons. Todd Gurley will be a non-factor. Robert Woods will do nothing. Woods was drafted by the Bills. Trust me he already knows the entire scouting report. Same with Brandin Cooks. Belichick knows he can’t beat press. The weapons will shrink and Jared Goff will have to be perfect. Of course, he won’t be. This is the easiest bet you can make. Goff will crumble.

You could see it in Goff’s eyes last week. The moment was too big for him. Luckily, the Saints never put them away and Sean Payton called some horrific plays. That won’t happen with the Pats. Belichick knows Goff stinks.

Clean pocket Goff:

364 for 561, 64.9 Completion % (27th best in the league), 8.4 YPA, 32 TDs, 12 INTs, 101.1 Passer Rating (13th).

Under Pressure Goff:

68 for 157, 43.3 Completion % (43rd), 6.0 YPA, 5 TDs, 6 INTs, 58.2 Passer Rating (34th).

Trey Flowers is coming.

3: It’s Patriots Week:

The Patriots are underdogs. People wrote them off weeks ago. Yet here we are again. They just never die. You have to kill the Patriots 6 or 7 times before they die. This is Patriots week. They are always here. New England last year to Philly. I would assume that means they win this year.

Patriots week means designing the perfect game plan. This team changes every single week. I expect the Patriots to run the ball right down the Rams throats. The Pats are the one team that will line up with the fullback and beat you. The Rams rank 28th against the run in the NFL. The Rams also have the worst passer rating against in the NFL against play action. Against a team that can run the ball? This could be trouble. Control the clock, run the ball, and make Goff beat you. He can’t and the Pats will win.


Super Bowl 53
Jared Goff is ready to shock the world. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

1: KARMA From 2002

Remember the 2002 Super Bowl? The greatest show on turf came in ready to start a dynasty. Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Kurt Warner. The Rams were just starting a legacy. In came the New England Patriots with this no name quarterback, Tom Brady. A solid defense and great coaching that was going to carry the day.

The Patriots won and it kicked off a 20 year dynasty. This time the Rams come in as the nobodies. The young quarterback no one believes in. The new up and coming coach. A strong young defense. History repeats itself. Or does it?

2: Sean McVay Is The Smarter Coach?

Sean McVay is the best young coach in the NFL. The guy is unbelievable. He remembers plays from 1975 off the top of his head. McVay has the photographic memory. McVay is getting his barber, landscaper, and dishwasher head coaching jobs. The guy is brilliant. Week after week after week, McVay puts up points are hammers teams when they’re down. Maybe it’s time to pass the torch. It’s McVay’s time to rule the NFL.

The Rams have a lot going for them. The Rams were 2nd in the NFL in points and total offense. They will score. The Rams have better players and a really smart coach. Where’s the answer for Todd Gurley? Where are the good players on New England’s team? Everyone talks about the Patriots offensive line but the Rams might even have the better one. The Rams were the best pass blocking unit in football. The Rams have the more complete team.

3: The Rams Will Get Pressure On Tom Brady

Nobody can hit Tom Brady. I mean nobody can he sniff him. The Patriots have played two playoff games. Brady has been hit once… ONCE! That’s against Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram, Dee Ford, Chris Jones, and Justin Houston. 1 pressure. However, the Rams are different. Nothing is more difficult to deal with than interior pressure. Sandbagging Ndamukong Suh has come to play. Aaron Donald is the best player in football. All those guys have to do is swing the tide on 4 or 5 plays to steal momentum. That’s it. C’mon, David Andrews is going to handle either one of them?

Don’t forget, Wade Phillips has given Tom Brady trouble in the past. The year the Broncos won the Super Bowl, Wade Phillips shut down Tom Brady to advance to the Super Bowl. Phillips was really able to confuse Brady which never happens in the playoffs.

The secondary is the biggest (or is supposed to be on paper) strength. Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib are as good as it gets on the outside. LA even has really nasty safeties with John Johnson and Lamarcus Joyner. Nickel Roby-Coleman is great in the slot.

Talib is really the difference maker. With Talib on the field, the Rams passer rating against is 64.3. When Talib was injured as was not on the field, the Rams passer rating against is 105.2. Marcus Peters can’t do it by himself. The Talib and Peters combo is what makes this secondary special.

Let’s be honest, is there an honest person out there rooting for the Rams? Jared Goof doesn’t deserve to win a title. Los Angeles doesn’t have fans nor a home stadium. The entire city of Los Angeles doesn’t deserve a title because their fans don’t care. Boston is the city of champions. The Patriots do nothing except piss excellence. Why would anyone root for the Rams? The Pats will win because they always do.

Patriots defeat Rams 38-20