Yankees Red Sox London
StubHub announced that the upcoming Yankees – Red Sox series in London is its best seller (MLB)

Major League Baseball is heading to London for the first time ever. The Yankees and Red Sox will play a 2 game series in London on June 29th and 30th. This series is such a hot ticket item that the tickets have been sold out since December. The demand for the tickets have been such a priority that StubHub announced that this series is the highest seller.

“Major League Baseball’s first game in London, featuring the World Series champion Boston Red Sox and rival New York Yankees, is the best-selling game of the 2019 regular season, ticket seller StubHub said on Thursday.”

“Fans from 44 different states in the U.S. and 27 different countries have already purchased tickets for the MLB London series, according to StubHub general manager Jill Krimmel.

“The appeal of MLB to a global audience continues to grow, and the overwhelming response for the rivalry matchup between the Yankees and Red Sox in London certainly proves that the sport has fans worldwide,” Krimmel said.

“It is demonstrating that baseball has tremendous potential overseas, much like the NFL and NBA have seen.”

This makes me so happy to hear this. Guess what? I’m going to this game. I’ll be in London for almost a week this summer and already have tickets to game on Sunday. Don’t worry, I’ll try to document everything that I do so that I can make you all jealous.

I can’t wait to much on some Fish and Chips. I’m going to be hammered. I’ve never been to Europe or even out of the country besides Canada. I’m beyond pumped. The game will take place at the West Ham soccer stadium. That just adds to the intrigue. It’s going to be fun.