Steph Curry
Steph Curry doesn’t believe we landed on the moon. Do you agree with him? (Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports)

Celtics guard, Kyrie Irving, was heavily criticized for his comments about how he believed the earth was flat. We have another NBA superstar who is a conspiracy theory guy. Steph Curry is the face of Under Armour but now he is cementing himself as the captain of the theory that we didn’t land on the moon. Do you think Curry was doing this for attention or does he actually believe it?

The Warriors star appeared on “Winging It” podcast along with Vince Carter, Kent Bazemore, and Andre Iguodala:

Curry: “We ever been to the moon?

Multiple responders: “Nope.”

Curry: “They’re gonna come get us. I don’t think so, either.”

Here’s what people don’t understand. This was planned. Curry doesn’t actually believe this. The messaging behind it goes much deeper. Something that only intellectuals like myself would understand. The message is, don’t believe everything that you hear. That’s what Kyrie preaches as well. Our government is corrupt. Are you one of those people that really think voting hasn’t been tampered with?

Who cares if we actually went to the moon? Does it affect your life? What we should be doing is figuring out if aliens exist? Do other planets exist that we could actually live on? NASA spends so much money are we haven’t gotten anything out of it. Maybe the whole thing is a hoax. Maybe the moon doesn’t even exist. Can we trust NASA after declaring that Pluto wasn’t a planet?

Recently I’ve wanted to get into horoscopes but I’m not buying into them, but I want to. What conspiracies do you believe in? Let me know because I’m all ears for them. I’m also out on dinosaurs for the record. I’m not buying it.