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A few days ago the twitter account for NHL on NBC shared this

Except there is a wrong answer and it’s Quinn Hughes.

This is not a diss on Hughes. He’s a good player who will have a very bright future in the game. Unfortunately he’s in a Calder Trophy race with not just a great player in Cale Makar, but a Phenomenal one.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And yes I know Canucks fans will say their player is the better of the two, however they just don’t have the facts to back it up.

While both have 40 points for the season, Makar has achieved it in 10 less games due to an upper body injury suffered in December against the Boston Bruins. He is also a plus 8 to Quinn’s minus 4. In fact, if Makar hadn’t missed those games and kept his current points per game ratio he’d be totaling 47 points and this wouldn’t even be a conversation.

We wouldn’t be comparing Makar and Hughes. We’d be comparing Makar and Nashville Predators legend Roman Josi, as he would be third in points for Defensmen behind the fore-mentioned Josi and Washington Capitals John Carlson. That’s how impressive this kid from Calgary, Alberta, Canada has been.

The scary thing when it comes to Makar is that you get this feeling there’s not another level he can get to, but a number of different levels. There are still times you watch Colorado play and think, it still hasn’t completely clicked yet.

One of those things is the power play which is 16th in the NHL and has been one of the disappointments of their season so far, given the quality on the ice during the man advantage.

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If that’s the case for Makar and he continues to improve (which, why wouldn’t he!?!) you are talking generational talent that will be in the Norris Trophy conversation for years to come. I’m sure Hughes will be there or there abouts, but unfortunately for Quinn he’s not only being overshadowed at home by younger brother Jack (of the New Jersey Devils), he’s also living in the Era of Makar and as for this year’s race... you just can’t spell Calder without Cale.