SimBull CFB 2021 Full Team Breakdown: Oregon State University

Welcome to Vendetta’s SimBull CFB full team breakdowns, where the writers from Vendetta Sports Media will be analyzing all the Power 5 college football programs for their share value on SimBull, and next up is the Oregon State Beavers.

2020 Record: 2-5

2021 Projected Win Total: 4.5

On The Field:

To be completely honest, there isn’t a lot to like about this Oregon State Beavers squad going into the 2021 season. The offense doesn’t have a massive selection of weapons, the pass rush for the defense is non-existent (among the worst in the country at both sacks and QB pressures) and the secondary couldn’t catch a break (or an interception) last season. On the surface, this is not a great team with a not-so-great Head Coach who has to be on the hot seat this season in Jonathan Smith. Some bright spots, however, are the offensive line and a transfer in at RB. This Beavers O-Line finished 13th in the country in fewest tackles for loss allowed and they are returning all 5 starters. C Nathan Eldridge Sr. is among the best players on the team and should be getting both All Pac-12 nods and potentially All-NCAA nods. Their transfer at RB is Deshaun Fenwick, who is a 6-2, 226-pound blaster who comes in from South Carolina and should be a key contributor right out of the gate. But that’s really it.

In The Market:

On SimBull CFB, the current price per share for Oregon State is $26.02, which is the 8th lowest in the market. Oregon State did put up an impressive performance against USC yesterday, beating the Trojans 45-27, moving them to 3-1 so far on the season. I have to say, for a team that didn’t look great going into the season they have certainly out-performed all expectations so far. I wouldn’t knock you for taking one share of the Beavers and seeing if they can continue this Cinderella-like season they have going so far, but personally, I don’t want any part of it. It’s a nice story so far but I have concerns it won’t last.

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