Freddie Freeman
Should the Braves consider trading Freddie Freeman? Atlanta should consider doing what otherwise might seem like unthinkable. (Jason Getz/USA TODAY Sports)

Should The Braves Consider Trading Freddie Freeman?

Sometimes it’s just not your year. The Atlanta Braves on paper should be a juggernaut in the National League. When injuries take out your best pitcher and slugger, things probably aren’t going to go your way. After already losing Mike Soroka for the year, Atlanta was hit with crushing news that Ronald Acuna tore his ACL right before the All-Star break. Sometimes you have to turn chicken shit into chicken salad. Should Atlanta consider the unthinkable and deal Freddie Freeman?

Freeman, 31, is arguably the best first baseman in the entire sport. He’s also not a spring chicken anymore either and is scheduled to hit unrestricted free agency following the conclusion of the 2021 MLB season. Make no mistake about it, Freeman is going to cost a pretty penny.

Look, there’s no doubt that Freeman is terrific but do you want to invest big dollars in an aging first baseman? The Braves find themselves in a tricky spot. This team is ready to win now but locking up Freeman to a big money contract probably isn’t smart business either. What if the Braves can have their cake and eat it too?

Sometimes waving the white flag is the smartest thing you can do. It’s baseball. The ball is not going to always bounce your way even when your team is rock solid on paper. Putting Freeman on the market would be a super sexy hired gun for October baseball.

I’m not saying you give Freeman away for nothing but if the right package comes along, you take it. Freeman shouldn’t be considered untradeable. Especially when you consider that you can pull off some cheese. Collect assets and re-sign him in the offseason.

Atlanta might never get an opportunity to restock like this for a long time. This young core is about as good as it gets in the game. Folding your cards and doing the unthinkable could set off a chain of events that sparks multiple World Series runs.

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